The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 62

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #62

On our returning trip to Mirabar the cold does not bother me, the sight of what we found at the Bringers of Woe compound does. It is not the room of dismemberment and carnage, not the zombie nor the orc abomination. It is what we found where the beast was being kept.

Bodies wearing the cloth of the Bringers littered the room, each beaten and busted by powerful fists. By the broken shackles on the wall and the broken doors we had came across it is obvious the thing had broke loose a time or two. The last time they could not contain it.

More orcs and half breeds were chained upon the wall there as well. But unlike the previous room where we had found the corpses of my kind, some here seemed to be cut in the fashion of how a butcher may cut or carve meat. Others were freshly eaten. Still, none of that is what bothers me.

It is a book bound in dead skin.

Randal had noticed it when we entered the chamber. Upon reading it he had learned of the dark magics that had altered the orc into the monster that it had became. To make it worse, the rituals for the transformation had required that he be forced to eat the flesh of his brethren. This eventually lead to him being able to locate our race like some type of bloodhound, filling the poor bastard with relentless hate for it’s kind.

Most importantly, the book belongs to Novak.

It has left me with many mixed emotions. I fear that Novak has returned though I thought it was impossible. How would he escape such a damning fate? I have learned there is more to him, more to The Restless Hand, than I had ever thought. Not only do I fear his return, but that he has gained some type of power from whatever was in that nothingness. Or worse yet, has formed an alliance.

I am left confused about the abomination. Why would Novak have a book about such a grotesque thing? Where did he find it? Was it created specifically to search me out? If so, how long has it been planned out? Why would he look to find me?

I am concerned for Red Larch and any other towns that may fall victim to Novak and these elemental cults. What if each group now possess this dark magic? Will more monsters like that orc be created?

On top of all of this we never found the Bringers of Woe. I feel like we accomplished nothing at that compound and only found more questions.

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