The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 63

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #63

Our return to the Church of Pelor is promising, all expressed their gratitude for our trip and the information we gained. Lamoran makes his presence known, which throws Randal Dundragon off, and asks for a private audience with myself. Lithia Muun quickly interjects herself into it and, at first, I stand beside that notion despite the dark elf’s refusal. Then I remember the note that was left for me during watch at The Bringers of Woe compound from the mage.

“It has come to my knowledge that Amon was wrong to leave me in charge alone. I say we share the lead but you should be the figure head. Your bravery and strength shown through today.”

I reassure her to stay behind and that I will be fine. She starts to protest but sees I will have none of it. As I follow the priest downstairs she starts to understand my decision is based on the letter. This a good thing. Finally, she is starting to be trusting of others and except us as real friends and allies.

I first thank Lamoran for the potions he hid in my pack, without them we may have perished. I joke that my eyes are not as keen as he thought which brings about a good laugh. We go on to discuss the incident of the compound and what it could mean, which as I have already guessed, only leads to more questions. We speak of his note and building the bonds between Mirabar, the church of Pelor and Red Larch.

“We should work closer together, we could make changes. We can make sure the Church of Pelor is able to open its doors to Red Larch.”

Though I do not deny that I want my adopted home to be well protected, there are a few things that factor into it.

First, I am not sure how the townspeople will feel about a major religion taking residence in Red Larch. Though I believe the church has good intentions, they are still an organization of change. Myself and my allies had just defeated The Restless Hand who, in the end, are just the same but in a more sinister fashion. They may not be open to the idea of something so big just yet.

Second, how would Lothric feel about the church? Being the defender of the people he has his own brand of justice which not only do I see fitting, I have and will remain a part of if needed. I have seen Pelor’s warriors in the form of Dundragon and their views on evil. At the compound he was furious about was going on and sought to destroy who was doing it. The sheriff would have tried to bring down the compound based on the fact that he knew evil dwelled there to prevent any possibilities of something bad happening.

Would the church do the same?

Third, and just now brought to my attention, can I really trust Lamoran? Randal was surprused to see a drow at the church which is understandable, I already had my own reasons to be shocked as well. But this shows me they have secrets that not everyone of the faith knows about. Can I trust them to not hold secrets from Lothric and myself if they come to Red Larch?

With that last thought nagging at me I ask about his secrecy. He offers me a smiles and is understanding of any mistrust. His answer is one I fully grasp though, some things are better left unknown to others so they do not stray from their paths and remain unscathed by what they may learn and see. As he goes on all I can think about is how Lothric is the same. I, too, am the same.

The response is all I need to know to put my trust into the dark elf.

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