The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 64

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #64

The people of the Blackened Earth are joyous when they hear the news. Just days ago they celebrated the birth of a child, today they will celebrate returning to their home. We do warn them that the Bringers of Woe were not there, that they could return at any time. They show no fear and assure us they will defend their land if it happens. I convince them into waiting a tenday before returning so the carnage there can be cleaned.

To their surprise and mine, Lithia pulls out the triangular object from the compound. They are shocked to see it, the keystone of earth. I forgot about it during the battle and never thought to pick it up myself. Upon offering it to them they refuse, believing it is not safe with them and that she should keep it.

That notion makes me uncomfortable. We know this and the other three are possibly responsible for the earthquakes throughout the region. It is possessed of powerful magic that we cannot hope to control. But they make an excellent point, if it is with us the keystone is constantly moving from place to place, making it harder to track down.

That plan is difficult to argue with.

I make the Blackened Earth an offer, what if I can gather them some assistance in defending their home if they kept it? Their leader believes with such help they could defend it but knows the Bringers of Woe would come for it. Now that he knows they are in league with the Crushing Wave and possibly the Eternal Flame, he fears leaving it with them makes it too easy for them to come in possession of three of the four keystones.

Any attempt to reason with them to keep it is turned away. With an artifact that seems so powerful what are we to do? Looking for answers we turn back to Mirabar.

It is time to test Lamoram’s trust.

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