The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 65

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #65

Returning to the church I ask that Lamoran meets us, that we have important business. In a matter of minutes we are ushered into a room where he waits at a fine desk. Before he can ask any questions Lithia places the earth keystone on his desk. His eyes widen at the site of the simple yet beautiful object as she explains what it is.

As soon as we ask for him to keep it for us he quickly turns us down.

The dark elf explains he would not know what to do with. More so, he could not risk the lives of the sick and injured if the Bringers of Woe came looking for it. Understanding his concern we ask for any suggestions.

Lamoran says take it to the Knights of Heironeous.

Balasar and Randal second the idea. There it would be in a fortified structure guarded with the best warriors that the faith has in it’s service. It is tempting but for some reason it does not set well with me. Lithia speaks up, her words reflect my thoughts.

She believes that if the Blackened Earth think it is best we keep it then she is doing just that. I support her, stating that they are right about keeping the keystone mobile at all times. I express their fear that if it remains in one place the Bringers of Woe will recapture it.

Lamoram goes on to explain that it would be suicidal for them to bring a fight to these walls for all of Mirabar would come down upon them. Balasar defends this, stating that Heironeous is a god of good and protection, that he nor his followers would let someone as evil as the Bringers defeat them if they are besieged.

What I tell them gives them pause, that Bringers do not have to fight them for the keystone, that they could sneak into the Knight’s compound and steal it without them ever knowing. I use the fact that no one in Red Larch knew they nor the tunnels they traveled were beneath the town. That if a population that small did not notice outsiders like them, that it would be too easy for them to move about Mirabar undetected.

The mage ends the conversation stating that if anyone is to have the power of the keystone it should be used by us to defeat the Bringers of Woe or anyone else who would come for it. She goes on stating that she plans to unlock the secrets of the artifact herself.

None dispute that notion.

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