The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 66

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #66

Before breakfast I stop in to see if Lithia Muun had any progress with the earth keystone. She looks at me with some concern as I realize the artifact is gone! I begin to panic, every worse outcome that could happen races through my mind.

Did the Bringers of Woe steal it? If they did I am sure they would have killed not only her but the rest of us while we slept.

Was it Lamoram? He knew we were keeping it and we are in the church of Pelor that he operates. I cannot help but ask the mage if she thinks the drow took it.

She knows it was not him but the priest is the reason why she moved it from the church. That is understandable, he did attempt to steal from her which has not sat right by Lithia since it took place days ago. Also Lamoram worships a goodly deity so why the need to test us by doing so? Why not just simply ask? It does not help matters that Randal Dundragon, who follows Pelor as well, mysteriously crossed our paths before Mirabar. The mage brings up points that are hard to argue against.

Then the real reason for the keystone missing comes out. The object spoke to her last night, she thought the voice was Novak.

At one time I believed he and Balasar worked together, since then he has proven himself to Amon and more importantly, to myself. Now Lithia believes them tied more than ever after last night. With the dreams the copperborn has been having maybe she is right, just not in the way she thinks.

During the battle at Krypt Garden Forest my former master acted as if he did not want harm to befall the paladin. There is definitely something between them.

All of these fears lead her to take it to the church of Heironious late into last night. If she fears that the Earth keystone is evil and could fall into the wrong hands I will trust her decision. She believes if it is there the knights and paladins are better quipped to stop intruders.

As she goes into details about the meeting I ask her to stop, the less I know the better.

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