The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 68

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #68

I wake up to the smells of roasted coneys, instantly knowing it is Lithia’s cooking. As I rise from the wagon all eyes shift to me. The looks tell me they expect me to run and try to get to Red Larch.

But I do not.

And they were right. It was stupid of me to take off like I did. I ran one of our horses to death and pushed myself to the brink of dehydration on foot afterwards. All of that to get to Jalina.

All of that to get to someone I never thought I would see again.

But they were right. Randal pointed out that our foes knew it would lure me into their trap. Lithia told me I could have severely injured myself and have been of no use. Balasar remind me I had friends that would not allow me to fight this battle alone. Henry told me that he understood my reason to make haste.

And I was wrong. These four have defended and fought beside me. They have put their trust in me, named me as a friend when finding out I had been on the side of the enemy. It was stupid of me to leave them like I did. They have proven to me they deserve better than that.

And I was wrong. I should have not kept them in the dark about what The Restless Hand and Novak had done to me. They have a right to know how personal this is to me, to know when to keep me calm to prevent incidents like what had happen. They are my friends, my allies and would comfort me in my sorrow.

As if reading my thoughts Henry gives me a knowing nod. Climbing out the wagon the mage hands me one of her cooked coneys. As I begin the tale of how I got here Lithia places her hand on my shoulder to show her support. Balasar and Randal give me accepting nods.

After losing Remy and Jalina I never thought in a thousand years I would find friends. Never did I think I would put trust in others, never would I find others to comfort me.

I was wrong.

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