The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 69

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #69

The thought of Jalina being alive makes the trip to Red Larch long. It becomes much longer as miles from town a thick fog has rolled over the surrounding forest. The sight is unsettling as the rays of the sun shine through and make it harder to see, making the trees deeper into the woods look like long shadows.

Lithia jumps from the wagon, something has caught her attention. She makes her way to the closest tree and points out a red vine covering it and much of the others that we can see through the fog.

Fearing it could be alive, I fire an arrow into it before the mage can touch it. The growth does not flinch but the area around the shaft crumbles to small pieces and dust. She is not sure what the plant life is but I am sure of one thing.

Novak is responsible for it.

Guessing we are a mile from town, we decide to leave the wagon behind. Poor Henry is terrified, he is trembling with fear so badly that the dwarf cannot force himself to follow us. I remind him we are here for him, just like they were for me yesterday, just like we have been here for each other since that night at the Sunbreaker’s tomb.

He looks around at all of us, sees the truth in my words. I snatch up the warhammer from inside the wagon and hand it to him. Determination starts to creep through his fear. A nod of appreciation has resolve seeing us on our way.

There is no battle plan, they know we are coming. We can barely make out the buildings as we step into Red Larch, it is as if the fog is thicker here. As the others begin looking for the townspeople with every structure we pass, I shout at the top of my lungs to let The Restless Hand and The Bringers of Woe. I want them to know that I am here, that I am not afraid, that I am here for a fight.

Silence is the only answer I get.

The town is empty.

Off into the fog I hear the sounds of heavy foot falls. Whatever it could be is at a full charge. As we make out it’s form it is quite large, moving quickly on four powerful legs. It shows no sign of slowing.

We prepare for an attack.

And from the fog comes an enormous wolf, the battle form of Nataku. He informs us that the Bringers of Woe have come and with them are hooded figures. Their ancient chants are opening portals to the lower realms and from them come demonic beings. While aiding Lothric they managed to help some of the villagers escape they fiends, setting up camp far into the woods to protect them.

My head spins. I leap from hope that Jalina is alive to fear that those who excepted me in Red Larch might be dead.

I fear that Amara might be dead.

With all haste he leads us to the southwest.

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