The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 71

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #71

Sitting in my perch high in a tree outside of the cave, I watch Nataku take his animal form and disappear into the fog. Though he has taken to patrolling the area since the attack on Red Larch just a few days ago I thought it best to have an extra set of ears outside. I find it hard to keep focused after what Lothric revealed to me before I came out for watch.

He could not call his twin axes to him.

It explains the loss in his eyes I had seen. The Sunbreaker gem given by Cindermaw was sacred to him for his sense of law and righteous. The red dragon had split the stone in two, forging each half into each of his weapons. The sheriff’s oath to the beast was his faith. With his axes, Lothric acts as if all hope is lost.

Then it hits me like the club of an ogre, The Restless Hand has to have them.

It makes perfect sense that they would. Novak had sought the tomb of the deceased Sunbreaker to steal his gem, corrupting it for his own purposes. I have no doubt that they possess the weapons. As I ponder the thought dread washes over me.

What if Prince Amarth never made it to his destination?

What if The Restless Hand tracked him, killing Amon and taking his Sunbreaker gem?

What if they wrote the letter just to lead my friend into a ambush?

What if the Sunbreakers who were in Red Larch the day of my trial suffered the same fate? If what I fear proves true they would possess all but one.

Why would these gem be so important? It is obvious they possess powerful magic seeing that Lothric could summon his from great distances. What are the other abilities? Do they all differ from one another magically?

Most importantly, why are they sought out by The Restless Hand?

On a growing list of promises I vow to find Lothric’s prized axes.

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