The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 72

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #72

As the sun begins to rise a red tint shines from the moisture in the fog. The strange, red plant life is spreading rapidly. I can see the worry in Nataku and Lithia’s face as they look it over. Just another feeling to mix with the others the morning.

I am angry that these people of Red Larch have suffered.

I am fearful that Amara maybe dead.

I am nervous of who possess Lothric’s Sunbreaker gem.

I am hopeful Jalina maybe alive.

I am grateful for those who stand beside me with what we are about to face.

Nataku gives us a layout of the land, informing us The Restless Hand and The Bringers of Woe must be north of the cave. As we gather our gear Lothric prepares to journey with us. It is hard to look at the brave man, it is obvious this ordeal has changed him. I cannot imagine how losing an arm could affect your life. To make it worse, he has lost the symbols of his faith, the twin Sunbreaker axes.

Watching him mill about the cave I know what I must do.

As I pull the sheriff to the side it his hard to look him in the eyes. It is a sign of disrespect which he does not deserve. Looking up to meet his gaze I can tell he knows where this is going.

I ask him not to go to battle with us. He protests as expected, claiming he has every right to go out there and save his people. There is no disagreement on my behalf, I have seen his battle prowess and know it will be needed.

Anger come across his features, what he says cuts deeper than any knife.

Lothric says what we all think, that he is incapable of fighting with only one arm.

His accusation wounds me but it is surely not the case. If anything I think he would be a more ferocious adversary, striking fear into every one of those bastards he could kill. We do want him by our side but I need him do something important.

I ask the sheriff to go to Mirabar, trusting him to correct the mistake I made by rushing here without a well laid out plan and the men needed to fight.

He begins to protest but I quickly stop him, reminding him these men here are his people just as much as those that are dead or missing. They need him to lead them to safety. Most importantly, I need Lothric to get help if we heroes of Red Larch fail. I tell him of the earth keystone we had found and Lithia secretly taking it to the Knights of Heironious which is where he should go. I know they will march in full force to stop this evil.

The sheriff looks at me, his eyes show he is not doubting my suggestion.

Lastly, I remind him this is my fight. If not for me, this doom might have not came to this peaceful town. If I was possessed of the courage I now have, Novak would have been dead in Waterdeep years ago. My tone leaves no room for debate.

Lothric nods his head in agreement.

Within a few hours we arm the townsfolk the best we can, leading them to the road to Mirabar. Our horses and wagon are not too far off from where we left it. That will make it easier to carry the wounded. Maybe this is a sign luck that on our side this day.

I know we will needed it.

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