The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 73

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #73

Something is wrong.

We are miles outside of Red Larch where Nataku believed the enemy to be and the landscape is not making any sense. Trees and bushes go for as far as the eye can see as if we are walking in circles. No animals can be heard in the forest, no wind can be heard blowing through the canopy.

Turning to my companions they are in what I can only describe as a trance, mindlessly following me with no sense of the area around us. I stop them to ask if they notice anything unusual or out of place. The answer given is the one I expect.


Fearing this could be some mental control similar to what Novak has shown in the past, I slowly place my hand on a dagger at my belt. If need be I will stick Balasar to snap him back to reality. Thankfully, that is not the case as they begin to show signs of becoming aware, quickly realizing the odd occurrences I have.

Lithia Muun goes into her spell casting, hoping to figure out what could be causing this. As she chants the words of power the magic flares beyond her control. Everyone steps back in awe of the spectacle of wild colors. A wave of the magic leaps from her hands into my body.

Instinctively, I jump to escape the uncontrollable spell, fearing the worst that could happen as I feel the rush of arcane power within. My arms and legs flail about to catch myself before I hit the ground. I feel my senses leave me. I scramble to brace myself for the impact but there is none.

I am hovering just inches above the ground.

Lithia’s laugh cues me in that I am alright, explaining that her magic can sometimes be unpredictable leading to added affects. The mage confesses that she does not know how long the affect will last but believes I can now fly.

Mesmerized by what has happened, I attempt to right myself in the air only to find out that the simplest of movements can throw off my balance. At the expense of a couple of good laughs from my allies I learn enough to maintain my center of balance.

At Balasar and Randal’s suggestion I fly above the tree tops to scout out the surrounding area. What I see makes no sense, the entirety of Faerun is nothing but a canopy of leaves. There is no sign of Red Larch, Lance Rock or any other landmark in sight. Not even the Sumber Hills can be seen.

What in the Nine Hells is going on?

Not knowing how long my flight will last I hastily snatch up Lithia to show her, hoping her spells can figure out this madness. With her magical sight still in affect she is blinded by what she sees.

Everything around us is an illusion blended with an enchantment.

Gathering up the all of the rope, we decided to test the illusion, hoping that we truly are not walking in circles. Tying it around her waste and the trunk of a tree we follow Lithia. Walking the length of a castle tower and we can still see the rope.

And still the illusion remains.

As we look to one another for answers Balasar says what we are all fearing, are Lothric and the survivors under the affect?

We can only hope not. Both he and Nataku have called this land home for a very long time. Surely one of them would realize something is amiss. But does that mean they can find their way through the illusion?

We do not wait to ponder the question. The sooner we stop who created this illusion, the easier their road to get aid will be.

As I take up the lead, flying from tree to tree, we march on.

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