The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 74

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #74

Moving through the illusionary forrest is a bit unsettling, not knowing exactly which direction we are going could lead us into a trap. That might not be a bad thing, being ambushed would mean we are close.

Off in the distance we hear slow, deep beats of a war drum. Focusing on the sound we spot a clearing, unsure if it part of the magic or actually there. In mere moments we find the source of the drum.

A large skeleton marches into the the opening of the forest.

Damn my luck.

I have never seen an undead of this size.

Following it are two bird like beings. As they move closer to our location we noticed they wear heavy cloaks, a mask with a long point covers their faces. Once our foes are in range Lithia goes into spell casting.

We men take that as our cue to

move in for attack. Dashing from tree to tree for cover, I move out to the right flank to ambush the birdmen. An ear shattering boom stops me dead in my tracks.

Peaking from behind a tree I see the blast had the same affect on all the combatants. Everyone seems focused on the smoldering hole between them. From the smoke rises the skeleton, small flames flicker across its bones. By the amused look on the mage’s face she certainly had casted a powerful spell.

Balasar takes a step forward to charge straight for the giant but is held back by Randal. He displays his holy symbol of Pelor, shouting praise and glory to his god. The monster shudders as if it is alive with fear, turning from the two to flee.

The priest yells out not to harm the skeleton, that it cowers from the divine power of his lord.

It turns into a costly mistake. One of the birdmen moves closer to aid the undead, pulling a glowing glass orb from its cloak. As it burst into flames against its leg the undead turns to face the holy men once more.

Wasting no time the paladin unleashes a roaring challenge and crashes into the monster with his great axe.

The distraction is exactly what I need.

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