The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 75

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #75

From the woods I charge the birdman at the rear, surprising my enemy. A bury my handaxe in his right shoulder and slash across his waist with Novak’s shortsword. He back steps from my second attack, reaching within the folds of his cloak and pulling two glowing glass orbs. Throwing them at my legs, the ground beneath my boots bursts into flames. I leap back from the fire scorched and smoldering.

He laughs, thinking himself clever.

The anger rises in my chest. I dash through the burning wall to catch the birdman off guard. As he throws up his forearm to defend himself I hack it down with the axe and drive my shortsword under his chin. His head trembles as the acid pumps into his brain.

A wet gurgle is the last sound he will ever make as he slumps to the ground.

Turning to face the battle behind me I see the large undead swipe down at Balasar, rocking him backwards from the force. The priest is there to brace him, Randal’s touch healing the copperborn with Pelor’s magic. Letting loose a battle cry to rival his mighty dragon kin, the paladin collides with the skeleton, splintering its ribcage.

The remaining birdman produces his own orbs, throwing them at Balasar and setting him ablaze. As fast as possible I rush up behind the foe, placing my axe and blade into his back. He arches in pain with arms spread wide, opening himself up to catch a fiery blast from Lithia to end his agony.

Before the mage can shout the warning a heavy skeletal hand crashes down on me, driving me to my knees. My heads spins from the impact. It takes all I have just to focus on the scene in front of me.

Trying to draw the undead’s attention Randal steps up and swings his flail out wide, shattering the pelvis. Lurching under its own weight the skeleton attempts to catch itself with an outreached arm that is quickly broken by the paladin’s greataxe. A magical blast flies into its skull, exploding it into one hundred tiny pieces.

As I stand up the priest is their to hold me steady as the warm magic heals my wounds. Lithia and Balasar look over the body of the birdman, taking off his mask to reveal he is human. A thorough search of he and his companion reveals them both to have brands on the chest but unlike my own, it resembles an eye in the circle. The copperborn believes it is half of the holy symbol of Vecna. The part missing is the severed hand.

His words hit me harder than a hill giant. I remove the guard on my left forearm then roll up my sleeve to show my scared brand of The Restless Hand.

There is no doubt I have the other piece of the holy symbol.

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