The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 77

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #77

The battle is over. Almost a score of dead men around us, seven by Amon’s own blade before we even arrived. Looking into the darkness of the cave I can only help but wonder how many more of them are inside? More so, what terrible things are within?

Then I hear her soft whimpers.

I turn to Jalina. It has been three long years since I last seen her face, a moment I will never forget as Novak’s thugs pulled her way from Remy and myself as she desperately reached for us. Not a night passed by that I do not hear those pleads for help in my sleep. Looking upon her now there is no way in the Nine Hells I will ever let either of us forgive me for giving up.

But I can promise from this moment forward I will make the rest of her days full of joy.

I run to her, embracing Jalina and lifting her off the ground. A sigh of deep relief from this burden that has forever weighed heavy on my shoulders and heart escapes my body. All I want is to take her away from this dreaded place but I cannot, I will see this through beside my friends. There is more than just saving my friend at stake here, the women and children of Red Larch need us.

Within the cave Prince Frost had found her, he was told to find Jalina which I will be forever grateful for. Surprising my friend chimes in, informing us that further within she could hear the cries of others. Being blindfolded during her imprisonment here she is unsure of how many there are.

As we enter I keep my dear friend close, vowing to myself to kill all in my way who attempt to take her from me again. She reinforces my inner thoughts by gripping my hand tightly.

Following Amon’s lead we take the right as the tunnel forks, twisting and turning lower into the bowels of the cave, promising an ambush but none come. Just ahead there seems to be torches set in place, a sign we could be closing in on our enemies. My muscles intense with anticipation for the battle as my heart beats faster at the fear that Jalina will be caught in the middle of it.

Calling upon the powers granted to him by Pelor, Randal snuffs out the lights to help the shadows hide our approach, only to reveal an eerie purple glow just around the bend. Crystals grow within this area, they glow with a faint pulsing. I can only help but feel this is the doing of Novak.

During an inspection of them I hear a faint sound that is hard to pin point, it a chorus of cries and screams coming from somewhere within the tunnels. Something terrible is about to happen to the people of Red Larch. My mind races as I fear finding Amara dead.

The chorus grows louder as does the urgency to find them.

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