The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 78

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #78

After the barracks turned up a dead end we rush back through the purple crystals, Randal furiously leading us through the winding corridor. Turning to the remaining fork in the main tunnel we make haste as the cries and screams grow louder. Higher and higher the tunnel turns ending in a massive cavern of worked stone.

Before us is a terrible site.

A large black humanoid much like the copperborn stands at the far end with its back turned to us. With arms and wings spread wide as if welcoming something unseen, it chants in a tongue none of us understand. At the site of the monstrosity Jalina’s grip becomes tighter than I ever could have imagined.

Before it is a square, stone alter. Flanking each side are two massive stone arches, within them is a shimmer that reminds me of the ocean’s water at high sun. Every few second a pulse causes the sheen to ripple.

Looking up to the sound of the pleas makes my heart skip a beat. Around the edge of the domed ceiling are multiple cages hanging from chains, each hold a woman or child from Red Larch. At the site of our entry their desperate cries turn hopeful.

The ebonborn pays us no attention as it continues it’s chant.

Randal and Balasar charge forward as the rest of us fan out to try and free the prisoners. Taking Jalina with me, we frantically pull on the chains in a attempt to lower the cages. The process proves to take to long.

The hiss of hot metal being plunged into water echoes through the cavern. I turn to see the paladin stumbling backwards as sparks rain from a shimmering globe around the fiend. A ray of scorching flames flies from Lithia’s outstretched fingers only to bend around the invisible field and crash into the worked stone.

Another pulse ripples through the arches.

A decision must me made.

I shout for Amon to help the holy men. Another strike from Balasar proves ineffective against the magical barrier. Seeing how attacking the ebonborn is senseless, the warrior prince strikes once, then twice, cracking open the alter to reveal a drop to the glowing crystals below. As the gateway pulses again so does the eerie light below.

Asking Jalina to trust me, I send her to Lithia for protection as I rush to aid our returned ally. Reading Prince Amon’s mind I do not think twice as leap into the shoot. Not wanting to waste any time I go into a flurry against closest of the purple crystals. Shortsword then handaxe, over and over until the it shatters. As it crumbles to the floor the glow of the remaining grows weaker.

I have found the solution to our problem.

The problem is it may take too long.

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