The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 81

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #81

It was a long trip from the cave where we had found the townsfolk. The illusion had faded from the forest and we found ourselves in the quarry just half a day out of Red Larch. Seeing the buildings just up the road was a welcoming site to all.

We had brought everyone to The Helm at High Sun, it is big enough to hold everyone we had found. It is decided we will stay here until the Lothric and Nataku return. Though the aid they sought will not be needed, it is a good reassurance for a peace of mind. The gods know we need it.

But tonight is not that time.

In a sudden outburst that comes as a surprise. Balasar decides it is time to air his inner turmoil, that he does not like the murderous looks I give him when I think he is not looking. He hates how Lithia is always taking advantage of Amon’s wealth. Then he points to the prince stating it is strange how he just left us out of nowhere when he was needed in the town the most. The paladin finds it odd that after Randle joins us that the Cult of the Blackened Earth all end up dead.

I usher us all outside as the survivors begin to grow concerned. Not two steps out the door things takes a turn for the worse.

Muun unloads on the copperborn. I have been dreading this moment since we sacked the Bringers of Woe’s compound. She expressed to me then that she has come to not trust him.

With furious anger she lets everyone know that none should trust him, that I was right about him in the beginning. Lithia goes on stating that since Balasar arrived in Red Larch that his kind have followed and brought nothing but terror to the people.

The argument gets heated as it continues between them. Then Lithia lashes out at the priest. She does not trust a man who follows a faith that allows one to steal, that she does not trust one who sides with drow.

Without a word Dundragon storms away just as angry.

This whole spat is strange. After all the good we have done, after all of the strife to keep the townsfolk safe, it is all falling apart before me.

I believed that my life would finally know peace after last night. Jalina had returned to me. With my own two hands I had saved Amara. Most importantly, I thought I had found friends who cared.

Now it seems if I was completely wrong.

As the argument comes to an end Jalina leaves. With a confused and concerned look in my direction, Amon chases off after her, leaving me with Balasar.

The paladin seethes with anger. He shakes his head as if trying to clear his head, exhaling a loud snort through his nostrils. I ask Balasar if he is alright, that this is unlike him. Then I offer an apology, that I do not agree with Lithia, that my opinion has changed of him while fighting at his side.

The copperborn shakes his head once more, saying that he has felt his built up rage at everyone since the spell had fell over the forest. He closes his eyes tightly as if trying to see through an image in his mind, trying to figure out why he feels this way.

Without another word Balasar walks alone into the night.

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