The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 82

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #82

Lothric and Nataku had returned with the men from town along with twenty knights of Heironeous three days later. Though not needed, they decided to stay for a few days to help ease the townsfolks minds. It is a kind gesture and I promise when returning to Mirabar to personally issue a thanks to their captain.

What does not ease my mind is that none of the proclaimed heroes have spoke much since the dispute. Randal, Balasar, Lothric and myself have talked about the defense of town, a discussion the sheriff and I have had before. We believe now is the time to train those who are willing to defend their home. Though few words are spoken between the paladin and priest l, it does not stop the progress of getting started.

To make it worse it has only been a tenday into bringing the town back together and Lothric informs me he is leaving, giving me the authority of sheriff until he returns.

I am not sure what to say. Very little time has past since I had met him and for this man to put this much trust in me speaks volumes. Even as I try to protest he assures me it is the right move, that even those in Red Larch he has spoke to even agree. I try to hold back my emotions, it means much to me that the townsfolk have except me as one of their own.

Though I am sure I know the answer, I ask him the question of where is he going.

The Plane of Fire.

My mentor informs me that he needs to make Cindermaw aware of his missing gem and of the ebonborn fiend we had faced at the quarry. From there Lothric is unsure where his journey will lead him.

This worries me. I see the change in him after losing not only his gem but one of his arms. Then I think back on how Amon had left us without warning but had returned in the time of need. In the end, there is no reason to question Lothric’s decision.

My friend goes on to tell me of the good we are doing here with training some of the townsfolk, that it does his heart good to know that Red Larch will be protected when he returns. I make him a promise to make it a better place for all who live here.

The nod and smirk he offers is the only acceptance I need.

Lothric reminds me to make sure Dundragon’s church of Pelor is complete, that it will be a great boon to the town. There is an arrangement to arrive when it is complete, one that the sheriff promises will be surprise to not only Randle, but to myself.

As we claps forearms I inform him that I, too, have my own journey soon, that our enemies are still out there and need to be hunted down. Though I did not doubt it, Lothric agrees, reassuring me that as he did, I will find someone to watch over Red Larch in my absence. The town is learning to rely on each other during this troubling time and will understand why I am leaving. Almost anyone would be willing to fill the position.

As we both look around at the townsfolk hard at work I know in my heart that this is true.

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