The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 83

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #83


Years ago she, along with Remy and myself, were forced into The Restless Hand. Novak had used her as a bargaining chip to gain the young talents of us boys. We had become quite the thieves at the orphanage and during that time we never knew we were being watched, being evaluated. When the time was right the guild had set up to capture us at the marketplace as a test of skill. Needless to say we had passed.

And that is when everything went down hill.

At first everything was fine as we quickly learned our place, stealing items Novak had wanted within Waterdeep’s walls. If we did well there was always food and a warm place to sleep. With Jalina’s lack of skills, Remy and I knew we had to do our best. For the longest time it was working out better than we had expected, we were living better than at the orphanage and was even sneaking food to the children there.

Then it all changed.

One day we were to steal magical swords from a traveling circus and caravan that had been doing business on the Sword Coast. Unknown to us, we had no clue the merchants and guards had caught on to our routines and escape routes. As we took the bait they sprung their trap, forcing us to split up.

For hours I waited at our meet up and Remy never showed. Afterwards, searching for him was pointless because fear had already told me his fate. My halfling friend had been caught and beaten to near death. As standard protocol for catching a thief, they took one of his hands but it was not enough, those merchants wanted to prove a point.

They tied poor Remy to a post for all to see. My friend suffered as he bled to death.

When summoned by Novak for my failure I lashed out, going into a blind rage and attacking the copperborn. One lucky punch snapped his head to the side before his lackeys dog piled me, holding me before the bastard to suffer his wrath.

I had no clue what would come next.

They dragged me toward our quarters where Jalina was alone, proceeding to pummel me before her. She screamed and screamed, begging for them to stop which was exactly what Novak wanted. As I reached out the thugs snatched her, dragging my only friend into the hallway for me to never see again.

Her screams have haunted me for over two years.

Until now.

Her tale of being Novak’s captive is a strange one, baffling me beyond belief. Not once was Jalina ever hurt or talked down to, never chained in those two years. He always told her of my attempts to find her and recently of my heroic exploits. The copperborn even tried to get her to join The Restless Hand. Days before we rescued her was the only time she was ever treated badly.

If I could only see that bastard’s face now that Jalina is back with me.

With the only family I have ever known back at my side, I could not be any happier. During my training with Nataku she tags along, enjoying the outdoors but never interfering. During this time of peace Jalina has proven that she wants to help Red Larch and its heroes, helping build Randle’s church and even going so far to take up the task of watching and teaching it’s orphans.

It is as if that life will never leave us.

And it is all because of Amon Frost, Prince of Ice Wall. We both owe our lives to him, he had saved us both then brought us back together.

For that I pledge myself even more to his every cause.

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