The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 84

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #84


Never in my life I thought I would find someone who could steal my heart with a simple gesture.

When I first arrived at Red Larch with Maddox and Varix my plan was to make a run for it at the first chance they got to hit the bottle. Novak had sent us here to rough up the townsfolk, to put some fear into them before his arrival. Unlike them, I took no pleasure in it. Though my actions said otherwise, when their eyes were elsewhere I would pocket my own coin into those we took from, doing what I could to do right while in my predicament.

At The Growing Blossom was when I had first laid eyes on Amara, the half elf’s beauty was breathtaking. I knew when we left the shop that day there was no doubt Varix and Maddox would be back with ill intentions. After some hard drink the two were heading back there. It was only overhearing the news of Prince Amon’s arrival that save her that day.

And with the help of Balasar and Lithia, he saved all of Red Larch from our wrong doing.

I was grateful for that, was willing to except the punishment as long as that duo paid for their crimes. As we three stood in front of those same townsfolk we took from I was shocked at what had unfolded.

Amara was the first to defend me, telling the townsfolk of how she seen the coin I place in her father’s apron, expressing her belief that she believes I am not an evil man. It is a moment I will never forget, seeing her up there with her soft voice demanding the attention of all those gathered. If not for that none of the others may have not defended me.

For that I will forever be eternally grateful. That is when I realized that their trust was in me, that someone believed in me.

Being in the custody of Amon I had briefly seen her on the streets where she would offer me that warm smile and a wave. The day we had left for Mirabar, Amara was waiting for me, giving me a loving hug and a kiss on the cheek.

The simplest of gestures that have stayed with me.

When returning to Red Larch to find she was gone, at The Restless Hand no less, sent me into a rage. To find her father Harmon depressed at her disappearance weakened me. To see him cry and begging me to find her killed me.

That’s when I knew that I cared for Amara. It is a feeling that has only grown in this time of peace. And I am grateful this beautiful girl feels the same.

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