The Heroes of Red Larch: Entry 85

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #85


The strange elf as been an unforeseen blessing since all of this trouble fell upon Red Larch.

Months ago Amon, Balasar and Lithia has stumbled upon some bandits who we would later find out to be part of The Eternal Flame. They were in over their heads when the druid, in bear form, had rampaged through the cult’s camp to save them.

Later it was understood that he was the same bear we had saved from The Eternal Flame days before. Since then Nataku has been there to aid Red Larch when in need.

When The Restless Hand’s assault on the town left the sheriff in no state of mind to teach me further about the surrounding land is when he brought me to the druid.

Nataku was a harsh teacher. It is a method I approve of as the elf showed me how treacherous nature can be. Each mistake was rewarded with a slap to the back of the head. Not once did it anger me for I expected nothing less from the elf.

Out of respect for my teacher I learned the language of the wilderness, to be able to speak with it and those creatures who were part of it. With it I would be able to commune with nature more easily to gain access to its energies.

Mastering that energy proved to be the hardest area of my training.

It was so hard to focus, I had so much anger built up inside from my past that I could not let go. Despite all of the elf’s methods there was no way to let it go. The rage had been a part of myself for so long I had become it. After many ten days Nataku finally found the answer to my dilemma.


Seeing how she loved being outside since her rescue Nataku let her tag along during my training. My lost friend’s presence would relax me, calm the anger boiling inside. Just the thought of Jalina cleared my mind, she reminded me that I had done right in my life.

Days later my bond with nature was complete. With both Nataku and Jalina by my side, I had used its energies to cast my first spell. And with that magic and new way of path of life was set before me.

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