The March on Icewall: Entry 1

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #86

The church of Pelor.

When we had first met Randle Dundragon he was on the Long Road heading south to Red Larch. After hearing the town was having trouble he was on a mission to offer his aid and bring the healing power of his deity.

Our paths had crossed on our way to Mirabar. Not knowing if he was friend or foe I had snuck up from behind, firing a warning shot to gain his attention. After an introduction and inquiry of why he was heading to the town, the priest realized there was no immediate reason to head south.

He had met the Heroes of Red Larch.

Since that day his skill with the flail has proven useful but not as much as his granted power from Pelor. With a touch he heals wounds, a much needed piece to our already impressive team. Without his magic we might never have saved the townsfolk from the ebonborn fiend, much less survived the Bringers of Woe compound in the north.

During those days he talked about building a church in my newly adopted home. At first I was not keen on the idea, I was overprotective and untrusting to outsiders. Slowly that changed as did my mentality, realizing that I was judging the outsider like others had done me in the past. It was only fair that I give him a chance just like I was given by the people of Red Larch.

Randle proved himself countless times.

The day the church was complete was a memorable day for the people I protect, it was positive step toward a new future. With everything The Restless Hand did to Red Larch, it became a beacon of hope for all. Most importantly it brought allies.

Lamoram traveled from Mirabar to join in the festivities for his deity. With him came acolytes of Pelor, some of who were more than willing to stay and tend the church alongside Dundragon. It is a gesture the priest is grateful for.

Though I understand his reasoning for traveling to Red Larch I am not sure how much trust to put in the drow. But I know which follower of Pelor I can trust.

Randle has proved he deserves it time and time again.

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