The March on Icewall: Entry 2

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #87

With the training of Red Larch’s militia and the construction of Randle’s church everything in the town is going great. The argument that happen before all of this is behind us, never had the affect of the illusionary forest been spoke of again. I believed all of those ill words had blown over.

It had only grown over time.

After a hard day of training the townsfolk, Dundragon asked Balasar and myself to stay. He had an issue he wanted to point out, the love relationship between Amon and Lithia.

The priest has grown tired of her manipulating the prince, believing it blinds him to truly leading and defending Red Larch. The complaint continues that Prince Frost spends too much time following the sorceress into the woods when she calls. He goes on, pointing out that it looks bad on Amon that he was not there for the opening of the church.

Randle ends his rant, stating that he is still nothing but a boy playing hero, too unfit to rule a kingdom.

Valid points for the most part.

At one time Lithia was using him and back then I found it hard to blame her. He was blind to the fact but Amon was very charitable to those in need. His problem was the ability to say no if needed. If anyone asked for coin, the young prince freely gave it out with no questions asked.

I remind Randle that everyone needs to learn from their mistakes, a lesson the former soldier should know well. All those men died because of his battle lust. It is a mistake that anyone would agree is far worse than Prince Frost’s own.

The priest does not appreciate the reminder but agrees.

Keeping up my side of the argument, I point out that he has not be here since the beginning to see how Lithia is changed. Then I inform him that Henry knew her game from the start but wanted Amon to learn the lesson on his own.

Sure, she has the prince wrapped around her finger but I think her affection is genuine. It was obvious from the start that the sorceress was different from the common person. Maybe this emotion is something new to her and she does not feel like she can express it in front of us and the townsfolk.

That and she doesn’t trust Randle and Balasar at all. I believe that is the reason she does not want her lover near them.

And that is the next point the priest makes.

He goes on, stating that he was not the only one in Red Larch who noticed neither of them was not present at the church’s opening. Dundragon believes Amon’s actions and words now carry more weight than they did before. Not being present may have set wrong with the people.

I do not disagree.

We both keep looking to the Balasar for some support. The paladin shrugs his shoulders, unsure what to say.

I ask the copperborn if Amon has ever placed any type of affection above duty since he had known him. To back up the question, I mention how when called upon by Cindermaw the prince left Lithia behind to uphold his duties as a Sunbreaker.

Balasar replies that he has not.

Randle interjects himself into my questioning, stating that Amon missed the church opening. That Lothric helped organize it because Red Larch needed it, the building being here does not diminish the people who live here. He goes on, saying there is more to being their leader than protecting their home, Amon should have been there out of respect to those who defended the town, those who fell and those who helped pick up the pieces.

More valid points.

But I counter with the fact the priest has said himself that outside of Icewall Amon is not royalty. If that is the case then he has become a fine adventurer and a grand ally. The prince has earned the right to decide his own path. Finally, I add that if the priest claims young Frost is not his prince then it is none of his concern what Amon does.

With that, Balasar decides to step into the conversation. If anything it is to calm down the tension between us.

He wishes for both Randle and myself to speak what is truly bothering us.

I look at Randle, telling him nothing is bothering me. My life has been the best it has ever been. That he seems to be the only person with something weighing heavily on his mind. I mention that it needs to be brought up to our other two allies.

With that said I take my leave.

This is another crack in the armor of the Heroes of Red Larch.

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