The March on Icewall: Entry 3

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #88


Kingdom of the Frost royal family. Home of Prince Amon.

Since my life took a turn for the better he is a man I have come to view as a leader, a brother in arms and, more importantly, a friend. There is no doubt he has thought about returning with what he has learn in recent months.

He left here as a boy, being placated to by trainers in the ways of battle to inflate his ego. Outside the walls Amon had learned the harsh lessons of a life outside wealth and power. It has changed him for the better. Now the prince has returned not only as a man, but as an avatar for justice and vengeance for those who cannot defend themselves.

If only he could have returned under better circumstances.

Days ago a rider from Mirabar had arrived in Red Larch to inform Prince Frost that his home was under siege by the undead. With haste we rode to the Spine of the World, stopping at each community along The Long Road to purchase new horses. Each night spent away from home is a painful reminder that those days of peace are behind me.

This old and dry secret tunnel into the kingdom of Icewall is the worst of them.

Reluctant to go due to his past unknown crimes against the King, I had Amon reassure Henry that his father would forgive the dwarf seeing how his actions turned the tide against Novak and The Restless Hand. Without him none of us would have known about this entrance. With the sound of battle in the distance when we arrived is the only reminder that Henry needed to know he had made the right decision to join us.

Though I had scouted the forgotten tunnel with Lithia the night before, I take the lead far from the light of her torch. Two hours of search through the darkness and we found no end. After hours of walking there is light ahead shining through what seems to be vines covering a grate.

Before the others catch up I move ahead and what I can see through the thick vegetation is poorly built homes crowding the empty streets. All is quiet in the area, not a person in sight.

I begin to pick the rusted locks. The easier method would to let Balasar break them with a heavy blow from his greatsword but I rather take no chance of drawing unwanted attention. Within moments I slowly push open the creaking grate just enough for us to slip through.

Prince Frost is put off by the eeriness of Icewall’s residential area, informing us that there should be people everywhere. Randle seconds the notion, stating the outer walls are the home to the poor and is the most crowded section of the kingdom.

Before we go any further Lithia recommends I be unseen to move more freely from building to building. Summoning her arcane energies she turns me invisible to the normal eye. With her spell I separate from my allies, moving deeper into the abandoned homes in search for some proof of life in the outer wall.

As the others stay put I scout ahead, the mage’s spell works perfectly. Within minutes there is signs of activity in the streets, it sounds like a group is shuffling as if quietly trying to make their way around. I quickly come around the corner to realize there is no sign of life at all, it is a squad of zombified guards, each wearing the insignia of Icewall.

Damn my luck.

Why is it always zombies?

Before they can move too far from their position I retrieve my allies to aid with dispatching them. As stealthily as possible we move behind a house on the street the undead were on. As I move into a flanking position Randle holds the others back, stepping into the street to reveal his holy symbol of Pelor.

Once he had summoned the power of his deity to turn an enormous skeleton, a useful ability that will be much needed if we are to help break the siege. His symbol shines like that of the sun, catching the attention of the guards.

They shield their eyes from the light just briefly before charging to attack.

As they swarm Randle it is painfully obvious these are not the typical zombies deployed by The Restless Hand.

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