The March on Icewall: Entry 6

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #91

We quickly move from shanty to shanty, avoiding areas so not to get caught in the blaze of the slums. The zombies do the same, heading toward the gates south of us. With out currently condition the last thing we need is another battle with a fire raging around us.

While moving through a shack Randle pulls me to the side. His face reveals some concern about what he is about to say. The priest hesitates as he goes to speak and takes a deep breath. If anything that is a good clue I am not going to like what Dundragon is about to say.

And I am right.

Back at our short stop at Mirabar on our way to Icewall Amon had spoke with him about Cindermaw. The prince believes the dragon is not to be trusted and that he would personally see to destroying the beast himself. Though Frost had told Randle in secrecy and trust he believe I should know because of Lothric and our friendship.

The weight of this hits me harder than Novak’s orc abomination. Like the priest, it worries me most because the sheriff puts all of his faith into Cindermaw. Surely Lothric would not lie to me about this, he was quick to share what he knew about being a Sunbreaker.

The real question is what does Amon know about the dragon?

After defeating Novak we had returned the gem back to the deceased Sunbreaker’s tomb. At the moment of the spirit’s release to the afterlife Cindermaw had called to him, summoning Prince Frost to his fiery realm and anointing him as one of the six.

Months ago Amon had left without warning at the request the dragon. What did he find out?

What does this mean for Lothric who had lost his Sunbreaker gem when Red Larch was attacked by The Restless Hand? It was obvious the lost had affected him mentally more than the lose of his arm. The sheriff had shown a desperate need to get it back.

More importantly why would Amon not tell us about Cindermaw? We are more than allies, we are friends. All of us have been through so much in a short amount of time, revealing secrets about ourselves along the way. Amon should trust us with what he found out about Cindermaw.

No more lies.

I shout at the top of my lungs at the prince, demanding to know the truth.

We all deserve to know.

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