The March on Icewall: Entry 7

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #92

My demands throws Amon off guard. His sudden look of surprise turns into a scowl directed at Randle. Now it is the young prince’s turn to focus his anger on someone. I cut him off, asking the question so all understand my anger.

Why should we not trust Cindermaw?

Lithia gives me an incredulous look.

Amon does not look at me, keeping his focus on Dundragon with his accusing glare. He avoids my question, telling us that dealing with the dragon is his burden to bear.

I remind him that months ago we made a promise not to keep secrets after we realized Novak and The Restless Hand could be anywhere, even among us. That is how we had found out about Henry and his former ties to the organization. It is a moment I will never forget.

Prince Frost rattles on about how this is his burden, stepping out of the shanty to keep us moving to our destination. I disagree, telling him we are his allies and his friends. We have been through all of this together and that this secret he does not have to shoulder alone, reminding Amon that I vowed to stand by him no matter how dangerous the road.

The other are focused on our argument. Balasar is tense, ready to pounce on us should it come to blows. Lithia is too, but a spell is ready on her lips, fingers and hands prepared to gesture if needed. Henry is behind the couple, unsure whose side to take.

And in the doorway of the shanty stands Randle, his head hanging down, upset and torn.

Amon’s tone grows threatening about his burden, it is very unlike him.

Then it dawns upon me. Is the Sunbreaker gem causing the prince to be like this? Lothric acted completely different when he had lost his own. Is it possible it corrupted him to use the violent means he served justice with? If so I will not allow this my brother who changed me for the better to go down a dark path as I once did. Months ago I promised myself I would do such things when Amon could not.

Easing my way to Amon I constantly remind him that he does not have to take this burden alone, that I will always be there for him. I place my hand upon his shoulder to comfort him. As I do my other hand goes for the hilt of his sword.

As predict Lithia was ready, casting her spell before I take the blade. And like that time I had shouldered my burden myself, pushing a horse to death trying to get back to Red Larch, the mage reaches into my mind. I think of that time and how I needed my friends but would never admit it. And now Amon is doing the same and I cannot allow it.

He needs me.

He needs us.

The prince points an open hand at me, casting a spell himself. I can see the frost materializing in his palm. The look on his face says he has the intention of kill me.

Proving to be the quicker of us, I grab the Sunbreaker gem. I can feel it’s power as an intense cold runs through my hand. Amon screams as I squeeze the gem tighter and pull. An unmeasurable amount of pain drops Prince Frost to his knees.

Lithia is yelling at me but I cannot hear a word she says.

Screaming at the top of my lungs I force the gem from the hilt of his sword and a wave of energy erupts from the weapon, washing over us all.

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