The March on Icewall: Entry 8

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #93

My vision returns from the blinding release of energy from the Sunbreaker gem. My body is cold from the blast but smoldering as if scorched by flames. Both Amon and Lithia are in the same state. Randle, Balasar and Henry are baffled by what has just occurred.

I hear a murmur from Prince Frost.


As I get to my feet my hand begins to freeze solid from holding the gem. Amon goes into the fetal position and begins screaming. His skin gray, looking as if it is rotting. He screams at me.

DO IT!!!

My mind races. Is this source of power poisoning him? It hurts me to see him in such a state but I must know what he has got himself into, we all deserve to know.

Lithia screams at me, begging me to stop and give it back to him. Tears streak her face. She yells at me I am killing him.

In that moment I am torn. Do I let Amon suffer a bit more over a secret? Do I just let it go as if I had never found out?

I am disappointed in the mage for not telling me what she knew. After assaulting the Bringers of Woe compound I thought we had an unspoken understanding. But as I look at her face it is apparent that it does not matter, she truely cares for Amon and the prince’s dire predicament.

Placing the sword in his hand, I slip the Sunbreaker gem back into place. Gently I place his other hand over the hilt and press firmly down with my own. The color comes back to his skin, the life back into his eyes. Lithia places her hand on my shoulder, thanking me as the tears continue to fall.

I help my brother up to his feet, and again, reminding him he does not have to face this alone.

And still his refuses.

He pushes me away at arms link, telling me I do not understand, that he has to do this on his own. While doing so he begins to removes his armor. With each pieces that hits the dirt he shakes his head as if saying no to something unheard, as in disbelief at being lied to.

Finally his breast piece falls and the truth is revealed.

The left side of Amon’s chest to his elbow is covered with horrible burn scars except for in one area. There a brand of an eye resting in an open hand marks him.

The brand of The Restless Hand.

The symbol of Vecna.

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