The March on Icewall: Entry 10

These events take place before Rise of Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #95

As I take watch the mood between us all is colder than the city of Icewall.

For the remainder of the day not a word was said as we moved from the commoners district to the merchants, sneaking from building to building until sunset. Even as we barricaded the doors around us to this abandoned home none look at one another.

I take the first watch, looking to Amon and remembering that fateful first meeting. Varix, Maddox and myself had been sent to Red Larch. While relaxing at the Helm one night I had overheard him when he got word about us three causing trouble. Listening to the prince speak I just knew he would be the one who would end this.

And I stabbed him in the back with a dagger to get the point across later that night. Never once in that moment did I think he would ever be marked with the same brand as The Restless Hand.

The same brand as Henry.

The same brand as myself.

But I believe his story about Cindermaw. Prince Frost has given me no reason to not trust him in the past. He has always proven to be a hero when the time calls for it. Even when Amon left us without so much as a goodbye, he had return with Jalina, my friend I believed lost for years.

I am forever in his debt for that. If he means to kill the dragon than I will be there beside him to help do so. Besides Lithia, I cannot speak for the rest. She has already made her stand in protecting him.

Balasar would be the one to see this through if asked. Though the copperborn speaks little, his actions speaks volumes in combat. The Restless Hand has affected him in many ways since this all started. And there was that day at Krypt Garden Forest when I overheard Novak’s words to him. It is a question we both want answers to.

I expect Randle to be there as well. After all, he is the one who brought this to our attention so the priest must believe Amon’s story. And I expect the slaughter of the Blackened Earth people still stays with him to this day.

Henry is the one that worries me. I expected him to understand seeing how he was in the prince’s position long ago. If I would have not stopped him the dwarf would have killed Amon. As we fortified the home he kept his distance from the couple, avoiding them completely.

A noise from the second floor draws me from my contemplations. I creep up the stairs, quietly retrieving a flask of oil and leaving a trail to light if things go bad. When I reach the top not a soul is in sight down the hallway.

I stalk to the first doorway, crouching low to avoid any attack that may surprise me. It works in my my favor.


Inches from my face a large axe buries itself in front of me. Looking up there a man who skin resembles that of stone. His body is covered in simple and tattered garments. The face wears a simple but deadly smirk. It is one I have seen only once and one that we have been waiting to see ever since the slaughter of the Blackened Earth people.

The Bringers of Woe have come for us.

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