The March on Icewall: Entry 11

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #96

I throw myself to the right and up against the wall as a greatsword tries to impale me from the opposite doorway, taking a gash across my stomach. Into a defense roll I move forward pass the two and yell a warning to the others. With my boots underneath me I spring forward to the Bringer with the greataxe, burying one of my blades in his stomach and grazing his ribs with the other.

He takes a step back as the acid burns within him.

The remaining four move out from the other rooms down the hallway. They run up from behind me, weapons held forward. I dodge one spear only to get pierced by the tip of a longsword.

Surrounded by the six Bringers of Woe is not where I need to be. Needing to make some space I feint with my dagger at the one to my right causing him to step back. As he does I strike out again with Novak’s shortsword, burying it in the shoulder of the injured one and pumping more acid into his body. Bringing my dagger around I stab him in the forehead.

His greataxe clatters to the floor.

I can hear the others downstairs moving around. One of them is coming up the staircase. All I need to do is stall just a moment or two longer.

The greatsword thrusts forward. I step back just in time but give up my backside to the others. Again the longsword comes, hacking into my shoulder as the spear punctures my armor and digs into my back. I count myself lucky the hallway plays to my advantage, the narrow space is the only thing keeping the large weapons of the last two Bringers from being effective.

Lithia finds makes it to the top of the stairs, already in the act of casting a spell. It seems like she is hesitant with me in the way. I yell for her to do it as I try to fight my way through the tangle of blades.

The mage throws a small ball of flame at us.

The Bringers of Woe realize the magic for what is and try to scatter. I leap toward Lithia as the fireball explodes into the hallway, the rush of heat and flames launching me forward and into the wall. Through the smoke and fire a body lies motionless on the floor.

At least she got one of them bastards.

The others moves back into the hallway, scorched and smoldering. As they do the fallen Bringer starts to stir and begins to bring himself to his feet.


I barely manage to get myself up and these guys just keep coming.

Lithia goes into casting as they dash forward. Before she can finish I grab her and throw ourselves down the stairs, taking the brunt of the fall so not to hurt her. We roll the remaining way down to meet the others.

The pain washes over me, I cannot focus. As I begin to fall but feel something catching me. My vision blurs before everything around me goes black.

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