The March on Icewall: Entry 13

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #98

After the attack by the Bringers of Woe we rest longer than normal. It is much needed. Our wounds run deep but not as deep as the wedge driven between us all from Amon’s brand.

When waking up we find Randle and Henry gone.

It pains me that they would leave us behind over this. Though Prince Frost was upset over learning what the dwarf had done in the past to his kingdom he quickly forgave Henry. I see this as being no different. If anything he owes the prince his forgiveness at making the same mistake.

Randle is a different story. He came to us after we had found out about Henry’s involvement with the Restless Hand. The soldier turned priest had lead men under his command to their deaths over senseless glory and pride. He, too, should know the weight of making a horrible mistake.

As we leave I notice multiple tracks off to the side of the abandoned home, three sets. Did someone come get Henry and Randle? Was someone spying on us?

In the end it makes no difference. If they have forsaken us then they were truly never apart of us. We march toward the castle without them.

Picking our way through the noble district we hear a terrible roar followed by the sounds of battle. I look to the prince for his orders, quickly following him as he runs toward the sound. What we see is breathtaking and horrifying at the same time.

I have never seen a dragon before and in that moment a part of me hopes to never see one again. The massive creature of scales, teeth and claws is fighting multiple foes, all of them known to me.



And Lothric?!

I am thankful he is alive. It seems the sheriff had found his Sunbreaker gem which now rests in a metal arm. With him are two of his fellow law bringers I had seen when I first met the man. My muscles tense at the anticipation of battling along these heroes.

Lothric and Randle battle the dragon as high above them the dwarf and the two Sunbreakers chip away at a huge slab of ice frozen at the top of a wall. It seems they plan to pin the monster. We have to rush to aid them before the beast can kill them.

With all my strength I run to save them, my friends beside me but it is too late. The sheet of ice crashes onto the dragon.

With Henry being buried in it.

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