The March on Icewall: Entry 14

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #99

With a burst of speed I make it there before anyone else, leaping high into the air and driving Novak’s shortsword into the dragon’s neck. Using it has a handhold I try to hoist myself up but it thrashes around violently, trying to escaping from the ice.

Lothric, with his metal arm, is grateful to see me, saluting me by punching the beast in the snout. Randle is there beside him, bludgeoning the dragon with his flail before getting smashed into the snow as a claw breaks free.

Rays of fire scorches its head, a sign the others are just behind me. Amon and Balasar quickly follow, crashing into the dragon’s head as well. Our combine might should have killed the beast but it is not alive.

It had rose from the grave. No doubt a creation of The Restless Hand, a monstrosity of Novak.

Prince Frost shows recognition of the beast. Is this the one he spoke of riding when he had met Cindermaw?

Again I stab at the neck, finally managing to climb atop it and make my way over the ice. I frantically begin digging for Henry, moving chunks of it as fast as possible. Before I realize it Amon is beside me, aiding me in finding his long time tutor and friend.

The ice shutters as the battle rages on below us. I question myself if I am making the right decision by looking for Henry. Quickly I push away the notion, I am certain those four can kill the zombified dragon.

The prince and I move a large chunk of ice to find a hand just inches above the pile. I grab on to it, pulling with all my strength as Amon uses his sword to pry ice away from the body. Already I can tell it is not Henry, the dwarf does not wear gauntlets. Nonetheless we have to save him.

The Sunbreakers armor is fridged as his skin as already started to take a light shade of purple. With magic taught to me by Nataku, I summon the life energy of the earth to heal the man.


He is gone.

I leap down to help Amon with the digging. We have made it to the body of the dragon. Another violent shake shifts the ice around us. It is possible we could get buried ourselves but none of that matters.

We must get to Henry.

Through the mound of ice and snow we see another motionless body as the tremors around us stop, the dragon has been slain. Within moments Lothric and Balasar reach us. I can hear the sorrow in the sheriff’s voice as he sees he fallen Sunbreaker. It pushes me harder to find Henry.

And when we do, he is gone as well.

Tears fall from Amon’s eyes. I punch the ice around us in anger. If he would have only stayed with us he would be alive. When I look to Balasar there is sadness in his face, Randle is not beside him. It is all the confirmation I need to know that Randle has fallen during the battle, too.

The moment of silence seems like it last forever. Heroes have fallen this day. Eventually we recover the last Sunbreaker, bringing all of the fallen together to be at rest. Lothric growls out of frustration and rage breaks the quietness.

The sheriff marches toward Amon as if ready to fight, blaming him for all of this loss.

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