The March on Icewall: Entry 15

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #100

The argument is so intense to the point I am afraid it will come to blows. Because of this I keep myself in the middle of them. I am torn on who to trust, both of them have helped shape me into who I am today.

Amon goes on about how this gem is a curse, that Cindermaw plans to destroy all of the Sword Coast. Lithia is quick to take the prince’s side. Even I support him, telling Lothric that he put this nonsense in the young prince’s head and should aid him in ridding himself of the gem.

The sheriff’s reply is that his choice is easy, that all Amon has to do is remove the gem himself.

I question my mentor’s motives in that moment. Is this a test? Does he not know what happens when someone takes the gem from you? Deciding to gamble with all of this I ask Lothric for his own.

He lets me take it without any debate.

Nothing happens.

The sheriff goes on, informing us about Amon’s gem and how it is corrupted. He believes the prince is taking the route of the First Breaker, living off of the negative energy in the world. For over three centuries he has spread the curse that is Vecna.

Prince Frost cuts him off, yelling at Lothric that he and the other Sunbreakers were lucky Cindermaw did not curse them nor their gems. In a fit of frustration he continues on about how he did not ask for this and does not want to follow Cindermaw and the First. Amon claims they are evil and he only seeks to destroy them both.

The two will go on forever about who is right. As long as Amon carries the cursed gem Lothric will refuse to aid the prince or allow him to follow the sheriff to First Breaker.

If he will not aid my brother then I will put our friendship to the test.

I take the sheriff’s Sunbreaker gem and push it to the hilt of Novak’s shortsword. The center of it corrodes as if being ate by acid. A tentacle slithers from it just like in my dream I had when we first arrived at Icewall. It pulls the gem within and locks it in place.

As it does three other tentacles burst from the hilt, latching themselves tightly to my wrist. Though my instincts scream to get rid of the weapon I stand there, holding it out to Lothric as I stare him in the eye.

He steps back as his eyes go wide with fear. My mentor questions me, where did I get the blade? How did I know to do that with the gem? Dumbfounded, he explains that that weapon has been attuned for a Sunbreaker gem.

All I can do is shrug my shoulders, telling him I am not sure who told me how it worked. As for where I got it he has knows the blade has been in my possession for months now. Lothric knows it belonged to Novak.

But I remind the sheriff that in this moment none of that matters, that we are friends and have a common bond. That he had taught me that there are ways to serve justice that do not require a code of conduct or morals. That not all routes to rid Faerun of evil are paved with good intentions. That he had took me under his wing knowing the mistake I had made by being involved with the Restless Hand.

More importantly, that I had now made a mistake about something unknown to me, just as Amon has done. I ask the sheriff if he will not help me?

Lothric can only stare me in the eyes with concern and uncertainty.

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