The March on Icewall: Entry 16

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #101

The red color of the gem fades out and shines blue. I continue to hold the blade at arms length to Lothric, searching in his eyes if he will abandon me.

I ask if he can take the Sunbreaker gem from the sword?

He nods his head yes but states that he could not use it because of the corruption by the weapon. Even as I ask if the stone can be saved Lothric silences me, revealing that a massive amount of radiant energy could heal it.

I continue to question my mentor, asking why could he just not have said that in the first place? That why would he, being a Sunbreaker, know that valuable information but not tell Amon.

His answer is simple but catches me off guard.

Lothric says that Prince Frost is lying to us.

I refuse to believe it. Amon has never given any of us here a reason to not trust him. If not for him none of us would have came together. If not for my brother we would never be here to destroy the Restless Hand.

The prince changes the subject, asking where we might find the means to get this energy.

Lothric looks around to the fallen Randle Dundrgaon, a reminder of how important he had became to us. Next is Balasar who, just like the priest, followed out the beliefs of his chosen deity. The copperborn looks at the sheriff with a confused look.

Amon hands the blade to the paladin, who turns his expression to the prince.

Lothrics tells them both that Balasar does not have the power yet to purify the Sunbreaker gem. It will require a ritual much like he and Amon did to receive the powerful stone.

The prince continues to keep the subject off of himself and his gem. Is he truly lying to us? After what I had witness just yesterday Amon should be more focused on the corruption of his body and why it is happening.

The conversation gets heated between the two as it turns to the Restless Hand and this cult of Vecna. Prince Frost blames the whole thing on Cindermaw.

Lothric tells my brother he is wrong, all of this is the doing of Zul, Cindermaw’s brother. Anger flares up in Amon’s eyes.

Lithia finally chimes in, says that it all makes sense. The tombs she had found at the Bringers of Woe compound talked of the elemental keystone and how they could be used to bring the dragon back to this world. My mentor nods his head to confirm.

What happens next surprises us all, she apologizes to the sheriff. Another example of how Lithia has started to change. As the mage does she removes one of fallen Sunbreaker’s gem and hands it to Lothric.

With a smile he thanks her but it’s not enough for the Sunbreaker to trust Amon. He still believes Prince Frost’s mistake is different than those Henry and myself had made. Though I push and push to prove he is wrong, Lothric will not listen. To prove himself he asks the prince a question.

How did Amon know where to find Jalina?

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