The March on Icewall: Entry 17

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #102

All eyes turn toward Amon. Even Lithia looks to her lover curiously. He looks to us all as if it is hard to find the answer.

At the cave is where the First had told him to go. The prince’s story does not change from all of those months ago. Lothric accuses him of lying.

Prince Frost goes on, saying he did not know it was Jalina, my once lost friend who I had told him about. All he knew is she was a captive and it was his duty to save her.

The prince admits he was unaware of why the First Breaker would send him to his own lair. Randle telling me about this had angered him because he knew none of us would understand or trust him now that the mark of Vecna cursed him.

The sheriff calmly stands by his conviction, still stating that it is all lies.

I find myself taking Lothric’s side. When we had found Amon protecting Jalina I was overcome with joy. Not once did I question how easily the prince had found her when for years I could not.

Then I look back on his decision to hide his mistake, his branding, from me. Prince Frost knew he could trust me with it. When I trusted no one I revealed my own to him in a desperate need for his help in ridding myself of Novak.

Now that my eyes are open maybe that is what he wanted. For me to find out this way so it would be more believable as a mistake. It seems the corruption has affected more than just the Sunbreaker gem.

Now I accuse my brother of lying, threatening him with Novak’s cursed shortsword. Amon throws his hands up in caution, telling me everything is true. It is all a mistake.

Lithia steps between us, trying to reason this out between us three.

She reminds us there is still evil in this kingdom and with the prince’s aid or not we need to go destroy it immediately. Muun reminds us that if we save Icewall in time there could be those here to remove both of the cursed gems from us.

All of us agree though Lothric protests that Amon should not be allowed to follow us. I give my word to everyone that if the prince remotely looks like he is going to turn against us I will kill him myself.

Lithia then points out that I am no different than Prince Frost with the blade secured against my will. Nor I or anyone else can argue against that.

To prove I am not like Amon I attempt to rip the gem from Novak’s shortsword. When doing so I feel my brain itch like it did long ago back in Krypt Garden Forest. With all my strength I pull only to have more of the oily black tentacles burst from the blade to lash at my arm.

Amon speaks up, informing me that this is how it starts so they can control me. He believes Lothric does not understand this, how Zul gets unwilling allies to join his cause.

I look to Lothric and he already knows there is no breaking free of it. Telling him it is now or never I begin to head to the Castle Frost. Just steps behind me the sheriff and Balasar fall in line. Behind them Amon stops Lithia just outside of earshot.

Anger flares up within me. I scream at my brother, telling him and everyone else there are no more secrets, no more lies. This is where I draw the line. There is too much at stake from this point on.

No one protests.

The prince takes a deep breath, looking to all of us before placing his eyes on Lithia. He makes her promise to kill him if he loses control. With a tear in her eyes she reluctantly agrees.

And if she does not I will not think twice about keeping my own to do the same.

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