The March on Icewall: Entry 18

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #103

As we march through the courtyard of Castle Frost I always knew I would see it with Amon beside me. Never did I think it would be under these circumstances. As Lothric and Balasar push the gate open I tense with anticipation to continue my battle with the First Breaker from all those months ago.

This time the ebonfiend will not escape.

Down the hallway the throne awaits us. The First casually sits in the huge throne of the Frost King. As we enter he shows no sign of fear. Picking up his massive greatsword he rises to greet us, shaking his horned head as if something is amiss.

The dragon addresses Amon as an ally, announcing that he has lived up to his part of their bargain. A kingdom for the prince to rule.

Continuing on the dragon inquires my brother about the power he has received.

We all turn to Prince Frost, curious to his answer. I try to slow my breathing, it has been too long since I have experienced nervousness. It will wound me deeply to do so but if Amon chooses to join them he will not take three steps before his dead body hits the stone floor.

The prince takes one step forward.

My fingers grip Novak’s shortsword tightly. I can feel the sweat build up on my brow.

Another step.

Slowly I slide one boot back to gain footing to launch myself forward. It his hard to fight back the tears that want to fall. Every part of me screams to not let him do this. That we can save the prince.

I can see Lothric and Balasar are doing the same, waiting for the right moment. Behind them Lithia looks on desperately, not sure of what her lover will do.

Third step.

Amon drives the cursed sword into the stone, vowing to defeat the First Breaker and save his kingdom of Icewall. A smirk comes across my lips as I hear the conviction in his voice. The others smile as well when the prince removes the greataxe from his back that belonged to one of the fallen Sunbreakers.

Turning to face our foe I am shocked at what happens, Novak’s shortsword disappears from my hand! Only one thought races through my mind, he has returned.

Stepping out from behind the throne is that bastard who has done nothing but make my life miserable. I know without a doubt it is him but he’s changed, the cursed copperborn has begun some type of transformation. From his snout hangs a group of greenish, copper tentacles. As he speaks I can feel that unforgettable itch in my brain.

Novak thanks me for empowering his weapon with the exact Sunbreaker gem it required, Lothric’s own. As he runs his scaly hand down the length of the blade it grows to the length of Balasar’s greatsword.

Damnit. This is what he wanted all this time. How could I have been such a fool?

I pull my old cutlass from the sheath at my hip. It’s weight is heavier than I remember. This was the sword that had rid me of him the first time. It is only fitting that it be the one to kill him.

Smiling, I charge Novak.

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