The March on Icewall: Entry 19

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #104

I feint to my right to draw the attention of Novak and the First Breaker. Casting a spell upon two daggers to mark the bastards, I fling the blades. One sticks into the cursed copperborn’s shoulder, the other finds it mark in the ebonfriend’s chest. I will do everything I can to keep them away from the others as I warn of the purple crystals growing just within the throne room’s entrance.

The itch digs deep in my brain. I can hear Novak in my mind, questioning me why I attack him. Why would I turn my back on my family who gave me everything.

I grind my teeth against his words in my head, screaming at him that my family is here to put an end to this for good.

It was all a distraction. As I open my eyes the First is in front of me, greatsword swinging down. I barely manage to get my cutlass up to block the attack. The tip of the blade cuts into my armor, slicing into my shoulder. From the fiend comes promises of forgiveness, that is not too late to return to the Restless Hand.

I see Balasar and Lothric split as they enter the throne room, each hacking away at the crystals that empower the First Breaker. Those two realize my plan. Through gritted teeth I assure him I know where I belong, that I am a hero to the people of Red Larch.

From behind him streaks of fire scorch his hide. Amon marches in front of Lithia to defend her, blasting the First with a wave of flames. The cursed Sunbreaker roars in pain.

Taking advantage from the release of our locked blades, I roll under his, planting my feet and launching myself at Novak. He deflects my old cutlass with his newly return sword but is too slow for my dagger. I shove it into his side and leave the weapon there.

With just the whisper in the gibberish heard within the portal I banished him to he pushes me just outside the reach of his sword. Before I can rejust my position Novak swings low, cutting me across both thighs. Fighting through the pain I leap inside the reach of the greatsword.

Glancing over I see only one of the crystals is left, Balasar is already cracking it with his sword. Amon and Lothric are locked in battle with the First Breaker, keeping him away from the paladin. From the doorway Lithia continues to blast away to aid them with her spells.

I locked up swords with Novak to keep him close and on the defensive. Again, I snatch another dagger and stick it into his belly. As he flinches from the pain I drive my forehead between his eyes. His eyes flutters as blood seeps from his busted scales.

The itching intensifies in my brain. Now as Novak speaks it is like the bastard is screaming in my brain. He mocks me with questions, asking why would I not side with him once my lost friend was returned. Why would that not give me enough reason to trust him.

I scream at the top of my lungs to break free of his magical hold. Novak takes advantage of his distraction, the cursed copperborn runs me through with his sword. He looks me in the eyes to show me how much he enjoys the look of the shock and anguish on my face.

Then he and everything around me instantly vanishes.

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