The March on Icewall: Entry 20

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #105


Falling helplessly that is all I see with no end in sight. No land. No sea. No sound. Nothing.

Is this the afterlife? Have I died? This is not a way anyone should have to spend eternity. When I decided to do something about Novak and break the chains bound to me I thought I was doing good. Do I not deserve a better fate?

Then I hear it, the gibberish of the blackness and the tentacles that once took Novak. The itching in my brain returns but is far greater than the previous times. It is to the point that it is driving me mad as I continue to fall.

Something grabs me. Something heavy and covered in sticky slime. It wraps itself around my boots and quickly comes up to my waist. I can only look on in horror as it moves to me face.

A green tentacle. Wider than a tree and just as long squeezes the breath from me.

In the blink of an eye hundreds of thousands of them slither, moving over and under one another in a dizzying mass. And this one, larger than any of them, pulls me in closer as the other reach for me ravenously.

I fight and scream to free myself but it is of no use as I am pulled within.

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