The March on Icewall: Entry 21

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #106

I am weightless. Against my will I am floating up in the darkness. Everything around me is heavy, I can feel the pressure all over my body. Far in the distance is blue for as far as I can see. Bubbles escape my lips.

Am I underwater?

I panic, trying my damnest to reach the top. My lungs burn as I lose breath little by little. My legs kick harder, my arms move faster. It is as if I will never reach the surface.

Is this my fate? To drown with no hope of reaching air?

The blue turns brighter. I think back on those who need me – Amon, Lithia, Balasar and Lothric. I think of Jalina and Amara who love me. Pushing myself harder and harder I break the surface to take a huge breath of air.

It stinks.


I am in the middle of an enormous lake, the shoreline is just a a few hundred feet away. Thought I am tired I force myself not to give up, to think of those who care. Once I hit the shallows I give up, collapsing to my knees and taking deep breaths of the wretched air.

Where am I?

I look around at the barren land. Much like the endless lake, sand stretches to the horizon of the night sky. Statues of various sizes dot the beach depicting the slim exotic lizards you can find on the Black Market at Waterdeep. Its head is different though, a beard full of tentacles hang from the snout much like Novak’s own. Some carvings show the beast with long needle like spines emerging from its hide, others do not.

The wake of something large floats me forward toward the beach. Pushing myself up I can hear gurgling and hissing. Whatever behind me is angry.

Another wake hits as it moves closer. A massive shadow darkens the water before me. The itching in my brain returns. It speaks to me in the same gibberish as the tentacles. Overcome with doom, I am too terrified to turn around and acknowledge the thing behind me.

There is movement in the water just feet ahead of me, something very long and slender. Before I can react a barbed stinger bursts from my chest, hoisting me high in the air. The tail of the monster turns me to face the beast, the lizard creature whose likeness is carved in the statues.

As its head leans forward the beard of tentacles hungrily reaches for me. I hear more of the gibberish in my mind. There is no understand it but I can feel the hate toward me. Hopelessness washes over me as I am caught between awe and horror at what stands before me.

Finally I manage to scream.

With a roar to ripple the water around us, the beast flicks its tail and tosses me into the darkness of its gullet.

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