The March on Icewall: Entry 22

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #107

I thrash and flail in the darkness, desperately trying to fight my way out. Though I scream loudly as possible no one can hear me. I cannot even hear myself in the silence.

I tumble through the darkness and through a massive pair of dark yellow curtains. High above I can see it’s tattered flaps waving in the wind. They stretch into the dark, cloudy sky.

Pillars just as tall reach into the clouds before disappearing. Thousands of them are spread out for miles across the grey dirt. All around me is dull. There is a deep feeling of sadness.

Not to far from me stands one of these bare, grey towers with a strange marking. I am fascinated by it.

A yellow sign.

Tracing my fingers around the curves and lines causes them to go numb. My mind wonders aimlessly as I get lost in my curiosity. Within minutes I have realized that all traces of the mark have been removed.

Anger washes over me for removing the insignia. I quickly become obsessed with finding it, to gaze upon its simple beauty. There is nothing I will not do to touch it again.

I run to the closest pillar, my hope is high of finding the Yellow Sign. Moving in closer I can see it stand out like the sun, bringing me pleasure at the sight of it. Nothing in all of Faerun could compared to it.

Not even my beautiful Amara.

It is just feet away from me. I extend my hand to touch this thing that makes me feel whole. Just a few more inches.

And it is gone.


Where did it go? I must have it! I need it! I desire to look upon it! Where is it?!?

The yellow sign appears on another pillar. I chase it down only for it to disappear. Then it appears on another. Then gone. Another! Gone!

Why does it leave me?!?

Falling to my knees, I lean against the grey pillar crying out loud to any who could hear me. Then I hear her, asking my why I am so upset. Her gentle touch makes me flinch. As she does the image of the yellow sign flashes in my mind.

I look up to see Amara. Though she has become my everything she is nothing to the sign. My love for it is far greater than anything I feel for her.

As she questions why I cry her words turn to the gibberish. It grows louder. The language sounds like it is everywhere. I turn in circles, looking for where it maybe.

Then I see the massive dark yellow curtains with it tattered flaps. But it is not that at all.

It is a robe covering a gargantuan, hooded figure. Tentacles waves from the ripped folds of the cloth. The gibberish grows louder in my ears, giving me the true location of the yellow sign.

I turn to Amara, she is scared of me. The sadness swells up in my heart as I see the fear in her eyes but all I know is to find the yellow sign. Throwing her to the grey dirt, I tear her beautiful dress of her body. My love screams for me to stop but I pay her no attention.

I must see the sign!

There on her flat belly it shines to me like a beacon, calling to me. Amara begs me to stop as I draw a dagger. Her pleads fade away as I carve the insignia into her skin. The sadness within my heart is nothing to the pleasure I feel across my entire body as I lay eyes in the yellow sign.

Her belly quickly swells as if she is with child. The skin bursts with an awful smell as tentacles lash out from within her body. I extend my hand to them as they gently caress my arm.

I smile at the sight though tears of sorrow fall from my eyes.

The gibberish in my head is now barely a whisper, comforting me. It assures me I have done the right thing and there is only one sign remaining to be found. I turn to the massive figure and immediately know it’s location. I smile widely with glee.

With my dagger I carve the yellow sign into my forehead. I laugh as the blood flows down my face, into my eyes and mouth. Ecstasy fills my body.

All I see red.

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