The March on Icewall: Entry 24

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #109

The night sky is starless all except for one bright, green speck. Freezing water splashes over me as I lay face up on the wet rocks. All I hear is the sloshing around the edges of the stone.

Setting up I see nothing for miles in all directions except for an island of tall mountains. Realizing it is my only chance for survival I swim for the shoreline.

Not long after being in the cold blackness a strong wind ripples through the water. Miles behind me a storm approaches. Lightning flashes to reveal rain clouds stretching the length of the horizon.

The ripple around quickly begins to churn roughly. I kick my legs as fast they will go, pulling myself forward with my arms and hands. It seems like forever but I make the shallows. There is no sand, only a mess of mud, ooze and seaweed.

With the sound of thunder rain comes pouring down. Lightning strikes, revealing that the mountains are not mountains at all but crooked spires that stretch far into the storm clouds. Each one is built with sharp angles and edges jutting in every which direction. Throughout them and spread across the stone roads are domed, spherical shaped structures. Each of them look to be made of greenish glass.

The sight of the twisted city confuses me, makes my brain itch.

Somewhere within the crooked structures there is a faint calling. I strain to hear it over the thunder but cannot make out the words. Overcome with the curiosity to seek those who call, I make my way into the city.

The storm rages as I stumble through the winding structures, becoming lost within them. I fall into a wall only to stand up vertically to look across it. Baffled by what is going on I turn around only to face the ground in the same direction.

Was I never touching it?

And the ocean is above me?!

I have never been so confused, never felt such fear. Running as fast as possible I stop to find myself at the tip of one of these twisting spires!

Am I going mad?!?

I close my eyes tightly, hoping it is all a nightmare. Opening them I find myself standing back on the mess of earth.

Not too far from me something scuttles behind a spherical building. Did it even have legs?

Another slithers up a spire. Lightning flashes as large wings carry flailing tentacles through the rain. Though I cannot see them, I hear their call. It grows louder as it moves closer.

I run and hide, terrified of being found. Whatever they are, wherever I am, I pray to any god who will hear me.

Then I hear a voice.

The gibberish.

That is when I realize there are no gods on this island.

Some unseen thing skitters in through the shadows to trip me. Falling to the mess of mud and ooze I slide out of the dark. Covered in the mess I look up to see a arched opening as tall as an oak tree. From within two glowing yellow eyes open to life.

The gibberish grows louder.

The fear grows stronger.

From the upper shadows of the archway a huge octopus like head emerges. Two elongated hands grab the frame, pulling its gargantuan, humanoid body from the darkness. Wings stretch out from its back.

A towering impossibility stands before me. I am struck by a mixture of awe and terror as the God of this abnormal landscape stands before me.

The monstrosity is in my head, calling me. My brain feels like it is on fire. I scream at the top of my lungs. No, not a scream at all.

The maniacal laugh of a madman.

With an open, upraised palm he summons me, pulling me to it with some unseen power. My laugh grows louder but inside I scream in horror. My mind tells me to look away but I am enthralled by the misshapen God before me.

Knowing to look away I claw at my face, scratching and tearing away the eye lids. Digging my fingernails into my eyes, blood blurs my vision. I feel none of the pain.

All I can do is laugh at the madness.

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    1. Being a fan of the Lovecraft mythos I really enjoyed writing this and the previous entries.

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