The March of Icewall: Entry 25

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #110

Through my screaming I can hear Novak’s words as the gibberish echoes in my head. The bastard promises more torture to come, that what I have experienced is only a fraction of what I put him through that fateful night. Pulling my hands from my face, I open my eyes to his beard of tentacles reach out for my face.

A reminder of the horrors I have witnessed.

With an open palm pointed at my face, purple energy begins to swirl. Novak reminds me that such torment will begin once he is finished with my friends.

With a simple word the spell blasts me in the face, rocking me back. As I try to get to my knees another hits me in the chest. Stumbling backwards another collides into me.

Turning to face the others, the arcane energy flies in their direction to aid the First Breaker.

My vision goes blurry. I fall to a knee. It takes all of my strength to hold myself up. The anger I felt when seeing Amon defend Jalina returns, boiling and rising within. Roaring in defiance, I charge the bastard.

I bury my dagger into his kidney.

Novak turns to face me, through his transformation I can see the pain on his face, the anger in his eyes. The ebonborn turned abomination screams at me, demanding to know why I will not die.

The answer is simple. As long as he walks Faerun I will not pass until knowing the leader of the Restless Hand is dead.

The cursed copperborn drives his elbow into my nose. I feel it break as the blood runs down into my throat. As my eyes water I step back swinging wildly to defend myself but it is not enough.

Just within Novak’s reach he runs me through with his greatsword.

I feel all the air leave my lungs. My legs tremble and go weak as I look down to see the blade being removed. Though there is no smile on his face I can see the thrill in Novak’s eyes as he looks at the confusion on my face.

With my life leaving me I fall backwards into blackness.

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