The March on Icewall: Entry 30

These events take place before Rise of the Obsidian Legion.

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #115

Through fire and smoke we return to the throne room of Castle Frost with the prince unconscious at our feet. His mother rushes to his side, crying as she throws herself on his motionless body. Lothric kneels beside her, assuring her that Amon is all right and that the evil is gone.

King Frost stares at his son with cold, emotionless eyes. I am unsure what my friend’s father thinks of all this. One can only hope he understands that this goes far beyond what had befallen Amon.

When the prince awakens, we urge him to tell the story. I remind him to mention Henry’s tale to make sure the good dwarf gets the proper burial he deserves. For what he has done for Amon, and more importantly, for myself, our lost friend should be held a hero for what the dwarf has done this day.

Afterwards Balasar, Lothric and I dispose of Novak and the First Breaker corpses, taking them far outside of Icewall’s borders. Though the bodies of the enemy are thick with the kingdom these two do not belong among the masses. Together the web of evil they weaved had spread too far, causing devastation to wherever it touched.

We wanted them in a place no one could ever find.

Our plan is to stay for Henry’s funeral, we owe him that much. If not for him I may have never found the courage to stand against Novak. We had a brotherhood and understanding that none will ever know. Though wishing we could switch places, deep within I know he would disagree knowing the life I have carved for myself.

From Icewall we will head back to Mirabar, informing Lamoram of Randle Dundragon’s demise. I have no doubts the dark elf will make the right preparations for a follower of Pelor. Surely his funeral will be grand.

Finally we are to return to Red Larch, placing the warrior priest under the watch of the temple he had raised in town. Like Henry, Randle deserves a hero’s farewell. I imagine his passing will draw many from miles around from his time as a soldier and now, as a priest, who has healed and aided those in need. As he graced us with his presence many months ago, I look forward to doing the same to those who called him friend and ally alike.

But most importantly I head home, somewhere I never would have thought to be discovered when this all started. To know that people who love me like Amara and Jalina wait there for my arrival with open arms and smiles.

It is a place that I can finally be at peace.

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