Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 1

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #116

The journey of life is much like the ocean waves. At times it is rough and chaotic like the crashing waves during a storm. Other times it is calm and peaceful like the shoreline on a breezy, warm day.

The gods know my life has been nothing short of a hurricane. Those days of losing Jalina and Remy. Pushing Novak’s extortion from Waterdeep to Red Larch. Attempting to escape from it all only to find myself facing that bastard. Getting caught up in the insanity of the accursed Sun Breakers gems that The Restless Hand was after. All of that had lead to the battle of Ice Wall.

Despite the hardships, I would go through it a thousand times for the small bit of peace this last year has brought. I have made close friends and allies. My once lost friend Jalina is back in my life. What remained of Novak’s undead forces were hunted and destroyed. The bandits have ceased their attacks between here and Triboar. In return for all I had done, Red Larch has excepted me as one of their own. And most importantly, Amara has open her heart to me.

The only stress I feel is the weight of being sheriff in Lothric’s absence. Months ago he headed North, giving me no reason as to why. I can only imagine it is something to do with the Sun Breakers. Before leaving my friend trusted me with a key that is frigid to the touch, stating it could unlock anything native to the town. To this day I am still not sure what that means but I have had no need to put it to the test.

I am at ease in my new role, taking care of petty squabbles in Red Larch or handling the occasional unruly drunk. Most of my time is dedicated to the training of the lawmen. Deputy Stormaxe has taken to the city’s defenses with his dwarven ingenuity. For reassurance, Balasar has hired a handful of adventures from his recently opened tavern to aid in overseeing the general area. Us three have done all we can to give these good folk peace.

But today that could end.

A face I have not seen in a long time has return to Red Larch. Nataku, a close ally of mine, as come with news of trouble. A sickness is spreading in the Southwest. The elf claims it is as if death itself has taken physically form and infected the area.

Chills run up my spine as a forgotten memory comes to mind. With the chaos of The Restless Hand and the march on Ice Wall, we never went back the cave to take care it after all this time. Reading the look on Balasar’s hard features says the copperborn knows it as well.

With all haste we ride to Lance Rock.


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