Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 6

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #121

We wasted little time as possible once returning to Red Larch. Leaving Stormaxe in the roll of sheriff during my absence, I said my goodbyes to Amara as Balasar got his business lined out at the Last Tavern on the Left.

She is all I have thought about while on the road to Icewall.

Remembering the sadness on her delicate features has made every night restless. My love reassured me that she understood why I must go but it does not ease the pain of leaving. Every morning I have woke up telling myself that this is what must be done to protect her and everyone in my home. It is a promise made that I intend to keep from all those days ago.

We briefly stopped Mirabar to resupply for the bitter cold of the Northern wind. I decided to warn Lamoram on what we had discovered. With Tuskgutter being intelligent as Doctor Slukx claims, our guess is they have avoided all settlements to not give themselves away.

The meeting was mostly pointless. He nor his organization could offer any aid. It seems the siege of Icewall had took a toll on Mirabar and its resources. The most the priest can offer is a hot meal and a warm cot, a most welcomed gift during the harsh winter months.

During our short stay with the priest and just like every night on the road, I can feel the pull of Lothric’s key, guiding me like a compass past the city. It is almost urging me to continue on as if under the lich’s spell. Despite my efforts to ignore lure, the pulses get stronger every step we take North.

Just a day outside of Icewall, I used magic taught to me by Nataku to send a message ahead to warn of our arrival. A tingle of magic in my mind throws me off, it is not of nature. The recipient of my spell could never arrive so fast to its destination nor should there be any feed back after casting.

A voice echoes in my thoughts. The image of the throne covered with overgrowth takes shape. A Sunbreaker gem sparks as green eyes flare to life. My bones are rattled by the pulsing of the key. Spiking cold pain quickly wracks my body.

Once again, the lich beckons me.

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