Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 7

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #122

As the skeletal orc beckons me to follow the key home I once again ask myself if trusting this godsdamned lich is right. The creature makes me uneasy like all undead do but this one is different than any I have ever put down. Far different to say the least. It as all the benefits of its cursed existence with all the power of an archmage.

At this point I have no choice but to put my faith in the thing. The Sunbreaker gem is an indication of a trusted ally of Lothric. Though I do not trust the dragon, Cindermaw would not bind the artifact to the lich if it did not uphold law and justice.

Through the magical connection I question the sheriff’s cryptic ally. The lich freely gives the answers.

Lothric is not on a mission given by Cindermaw but a one he holds personal. My friend hunts down Brask, once a member of Icewall’s military under Randle Dundragon. Feeling betrayed by his commander after his pride led to the soldier’s demise, Brask rose from the grave as an undead to seek revenge on our ally. We heroes of Red Larch had repelled him and his soldiers within the walls of Icewall during the siege.

The undead mage continues on, informing me that it and Lothric had fought along side each other before he settled into his adopted home. I take the hint that the sheriff had been a Sunbreaker before coming to defend our small town.

And as if to earn my trust, it tells me it’s name.


Eyeing the bright, red gem set in the old, wooden staff I asked of Cindermaw and his plans for the remaining four gems?

The lich informs me that the great dragon has almost purified the corruption within them. Once Novak’s taint is removed, the fire wyrm will seek out those worthy of gem’s power to restore law to the lands.

Nathanos goes on to notify me that my path is leading to him, that I will find his fortress in the glacier past Icewall. His key, given to me by Lothric, was forged there within the ice and will allow me and my companions entrance.

It’s mentioning of the glacier does not sit well. For the life of me I cannot figure out why as he rambles about the key. Much like Slukx was rambling on in his notes about the glacier.

The same glacier this fortress lies within.

I cut the lich off, warning him that Tuskgutter is coming. Nanthanos dismisses my concern with a wave of his hand as if it does not matter. With a grim and threatening tone he declares all who have tried to enter have died. As the magic begins to fade I explain that the abomination was crafted to sense and hunt our kind.

Again, Nathanos waves his hand showing not a care.

With the image of the lich gone I cannot help but believe it would not be such a bad thing to have a confident and powerful ally.

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