Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 9

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #124

I warn Amon and Lithia about Tuskgutter and Doctor Slukx, the creator of the thing. Throwing the notes and journal on the dining table, I express my fear that since they have let these orcs into their kingdom that the abomination will head here seeing how the two were heading North.

The concern on the royal couple’s faces is dreadful at the news.

With another deep sigh, Prince Frost tells Balasar and myself the story, how days ago the orcs had arrived at the gates freezing, starving and fearful for their lives. None would speak of what they experienced save for one survivor. The refugee’s appointed leader told our friend of a hulking and savage one of their kind who easily killed all who opposed it.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is Tuskgutter.

Amon’s journey into manhood continues to impress me as he decides to move the orc survivors further into Icewall to protect them. Further more, construction will be halted until the spring months. Hopefully this will protect not just the newcomers to the kingdom but all of its citizens.

Another deep sigh leads the Prince’s terrible news.

Large, mounted birds of some kind bombarded the graveyard outside the kingdom’s walls. Due to the distance, none were able to get eyes on who or what rode in the saddles. None were shot down by the archers. As Amon, Lithia and a handful of guards rushed the area they where stopped and routed by walls of fire from the bombs.

The attack had lasted only minutes, making it apparent that whoever had lead the assault knew what they were seeking. Besides scorched earth and minor damage to some headstones, only one grave site was disturbed.

Henry’s body had been taken.

My heritage’s rage begins to take a hold as I through a chair into the wall. We were kindred spirits, both used by Novak as he held our families against us. None at this table could ever understand that bond. Even though the dwarf feared the King of Icewall would have his head if he found out about Henry’s ties to The Restless Hand, he died a hero and gave his life during the siege.

And now those bastard came for his body. I just know it was them. Why would anyone in all of the Sword Coast come for one dead dwarf with a brand?

Then it dawns upon me.

This incident and Tuskgutter is connected. It has to be. The Restless Hand are building more of these orc slaughtering freaks. But why do they need Henry’s body?

Whatever the reason I am going to hunt Tuskgutter, Slukx and the reaming members of my former organization and kill every last one of them.

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