Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 10

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #125

We all sit in silence. The quiet is deafening as everyone tries to sort it all out. I cannot hold my rage back anymore and speak my mind. It makes the most sense.

My suspicion is instantly shot down by quick thinking Lithia. She points out that if the Skulx is building the abominations, why would they need Henry.

A solid point.

Balasar finally chims in, bringing to my attention that it could be our new friend in the North. The couple looks at him confused as I think it over.

The paladin could be right. It is very odd that Nathanos would contact me days before the attack on Icewall happened. The mage also knew we were heading North as well. And anyone in their right mind would never trust a lich.

Except Lothric.

Prince Amon asks who this friend could be and I do not hesitate to tell. He and Lithia’s jaws drop at the mention of what he is and the ties to the Sunbreakers. I assure them that Nathanos is honest in his claim at the title, informing them that I took a look at his gem. They look skeptical as I reveal to them that the undead wants us to head to his castle as I reveal the key.

Doing so brings the eavesdropping King Frost into the room, who gently scolds his son for hold private matters in such an open area. The prince slightly hangs his head to hide his reddening face. It seem I may have spoke to soon of the boy become a man.

Placing a hand on his son’s shoulder, King Frost assure Amon that he is grateful for overhearing our news for the king knows of the lich’s name. Nathanos has a place in the history of Icewall. Over a century ago, then a living and breathing orc, he traded with Prince Frost’s great grandfather. They considered one another a trust alley.

We all breath a sigh of relief.

It seems the gods are favoring us with this news. We need to meet the Sunbreaker to find Lothric. Once the sheriff is found surely Brask will not be too far behind. Then we can retrieve Henry’s corpse and return it to peace.

The only downside to this is that we believed we were done with Cindermaw’s chosen. Now as soon as trouble begins to brew they enter our lives again.

So be it.

Snatching the key from the table, I inform everyone that in the morning it will lead us to the lich.

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