Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 11

Lynch’s Journal

Entry #126

On Prince Frost’s command every citizen within Icewall moves from the outer walls and into the center to be closer to the keep. They are to cease work on any reconstruction and begin assembling defenses and armaments to aid in any attempt of a future assault. The most important of his orders is that all children, including those among the refugees, continue with their learning and studies.

Despite his slip up with the king earlier, my friend continues to impress me as the future ruler of the kingdom.

Those among my kin who can wield steel are sent to the armory to aid in Icewall’s defense. I tag along to help with communicating in the orcish tongue. Among them is young orc no older than myself when forced into The Restless Hand testing the feel and weight of the swords. A small scar marks his cheek as do many on his hands. It seems his tribe had begun training him for battle at a young age. I approach the lad and ask him his name.


I pull the old cutlass from its sheath, holding it out before me and admiring the blade. There are many memories I can see in the reflection. Each knick on the edge is a reminder for each time I have fought for my life or to save a friend. Resting the flat of the blade in my other hand, I motion for Ozruk to take it.

He hesitates, questioning my motives.

In our kin’s tongue I inform the young orc that the sword has slayed many enemies of this kingdom. Urging him to take it, I remind Ozruk that this is his home now and he needs to protect his people. With understanding beyond his youth, he slowly takes the blade and longingly stares at it as I had just done.

As he swings the blade to adjust to its size I give him a word of advice given to me by Lothric. It is not the power of the weapon that matters. It is the skill and knowledge of the warrior who is wielding it.

Out of the corner of my eye an orc who dwarfs me in size watches on as I teach Ozruk a few moves with the cutlass. With each practice stroke of the weapon there is a nod of approval.

As long as these refugees are in the care of Icewall, I promise that they will never end up like those butchered by Novak or Slukx.

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