Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 14

Lynch’s Journal #129

We are all shocked at what has just happened. The old dusty tome Lithia had thrown was covered in rot before it landed at the feet of Nathanos.

He speaks softly, sounding more disappointed in himself that at the book. The bright green of its eyes dies down as Nathanos tells us that everything he has done to gain knowledge accidentally left him in this state. If he was to leave his reading room everything the lich came across would be destroyed.

Regaining its composure, the Sunbreaker informs me that if Lothric trusted me with the key that he trust that I will show him mercy and end his life. His tone of voice gives away his desperation, it is as if he is begging.

There is no doubt in any of our minds that Nathanos is right. It is obvious he is the focal point of this rot. But before the others or I can do so we need answers. Lithia is quick to ask first, being curious to how the mage ended up in this situation.

A few moments of silent pass before he answers, a clear sign he is a bit aggravated at the question. Nathanos informs us that all the power he had amassed over his undead lifetime had exploded. The lich is clueless as to how it happen nor does it know of the area affected by it. Guilt is thick in his cracking voice as the undead admits he wishes to destroy himself over the mishap and its aftermath but cannot until his own gem is returned to Cindermaw, master of the Sunbreakers.

Satisfied with the answer, Princess Frost goes to ask another question but Nathanos quickly cuts her off. His gaze focuses on Amon as the green flares up in his eyes, admitting he is the reason for the undead plague that brought ruin to Icewall.

The prince quickly goes for his axe but is held firm by Balasar. Tears well up in his eyes. He screams at Nathanos that he destroyed his kingdom, that if he wished to meet his end then he would gladly bring it.

I nod my thanks to the paladin. The copperborn was quick to realize the lich was goading our friend to giving him his wish. My mouth goes dry at the fact that we have to hold the prince back. He deserves justice. As much as I want to let Amon kill Nathanos we need more answers.

We need to find Lothric. And if Nathanos summoned me here then he had to be the last to see the sheriff. The lich has to know where my friend went.

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