Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 15

Lynch’s Journal #130

It is taking the much larger Balasar all he has just to hold back Amon. Prince Frost’s anger is unbelievable and rightfully so. It has been over a year since The Restless Hand’s siege of his kingdom of Icewall and he has just found out the source of where most of Novak’s undead forces came from.

The questions is why did it happen?

Nathanos is a Sunbreaker, loyal to serving justice. He is someone Lothric places his trust in much like myself. If he has gone the way of the First Breaker then why summon us here? Why ask me to destroy him?

As if reading my mind the prince screams at the lich, demanding to know why he would raise the dead to attack his home. That his grandfather believed him to be righteous and an ally to Icewall. He calls him out on his oath as a Sunbreaker to protect and serve the people of these lands as a reminder to him that he failed.

Sitting in his throne of rot and decay, Nathanos hangs his head. As he does bits of his flaking skull and mold fall, mimicking tears of regret. He attempts to apologize to my friend, telling him that he cannot help but be flawed and that it was his mistake that lead to the tragedy that befell his kingdom. Then he hits Amon with the hardest fact about all of this.

The lich reminds Prince Frost that the unfortunate accident was no different than when the he accepted the First Breaker’s promise of power to protect Icewall. A mistake that lead to his fall from the Sunbreakers. A mistake that helped lead to the siege of Icewall before the dead rose in the North.

Amon slumps in Balasar’s strong arms, crumbling under the heavy weight of the truth. While under the First Breaker’s influence our friend had done well to hide his intentions from Balasar and myself. When Lithia found out and tried to break the mark placed on her lover, she, too, lied to protect the prince.

I tell Nathanos that is enough, that he has nothing to prove by reminding Amon about the past. The prince has done nothing but redeem himself since. I turn the question against the mage, asking why could he not do the same? Why could he, with all his arcane power, not control the undead?

Continuing to gaze down to the growth of fungus around his throne, he states that his power over the dead grew out of control after his power left him. Motioning to what tomes remain untouched in the room, the curse afflicted upon himself unable him to search for a method to halt them. Any book he touched became useless. What little magic within him would only allow him to scry on the battle for Icewall.

Again, Nathanos reminds me that these are the reasons he summoned me. To put an end to his damnation. He gestures to a small, metal box inscribed with runes upon a shelf near the Sunbreaker staff. The lich claims that destroying the crystal within is the only way to completely destroy his essence.

Retrieving it along with the wooden staff, I ask where is Lothric. The lich admits our mutual friend had came to him seeking aid before heading Northwest. The sheriff believed Brask had fortified an abandoned prison and was in need of old maps of the area. Having no further use of it, he ask us to take it along with anything we made need in our journey to find the last Sunbreaker.

Looking to Princess Lithia, she gives me a knowing nod, taking Balasar and her visibly upset husband with her to gather anything of use.

As they do I open the small box. The brightness within escapes to wash over the red glow of the Sunbreaker gem and myself. Shielding my eyes, it reminds me of dawn creeping over the horizon. I am caught off guard by its soothing warmth. It is almost hypnotic.

But this is not a time for relaxation. There is no peace here, only darkness.

Knowing this light will rid this world of this cursed plague, I slowly close the door.

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