Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 18

Lynch’s Journal #133

Our trek through the Spine of the World to our first destination is long and isolated. Scouting ahead of the others gives me plenty of time to reflect on meeting the Sunbreaker lich, Nathanos. It had proven to be a great boon in our search for Lothric.

Though the magical aid Lithia found and the lore contained in his vast library was useful, the best bit of information we found was the sheriff had left there over a ten day ago. My friend had copied the map we now have and left notes in the back of the lich’s journal about hunting Brask. Lothric believes the soldier who was once under Randle Dundragon’s command is tied to this war between the gods.

At this point I would not be surprised by it.

I have no doubts he is championing Vecna. After killing Novak for a second and final time, surely the divine lich looked to Brask to lead his war against the Raven Queen and Orcus. He knows Icewall seeing that he lived there during his life. Also, he fought alongside The Restless Hand during the siege. It makes sense Brask lead the attack and took Henry’s body days ago.

But he is a small part of our larger problem.

Revealing this war over the power of death has rattled the others. The scope of it all is beyond our imaginations. Amon seems to be affected the most . It is understandable seeing how The First Breaker almost corrupted him for Vecna’s cause. Prince Frost is still haunted by the small taste of power the god had to offer. Now knowing he could have been the champion of Vecna must make his torment worse.

On top of this there is my personal issue that is out in the open, the yellow sign. Personally, I feel some relief by telling them of the madness and horror of dying over and over again. After Amon’s own affliction, I feel ashamed. Since discovering Henry’s ties to the Restless Hand long ago, I promised to hide nothing between us four. Yet I did nothing but that with my own curse.

With the experience of the tome I fear that this could play more of a role in what is to come. I know this King in Yellow and the other entities I had witnessed are what granted Novak his powers. Are they, too, part of this war we have found ourselves in? If Brask was the true champion of Vecna from the beginning, was that bastard their own?

Since Novak’s death have they searched for a new one? Is that why the yellow sign has haunted me since that fateful day? Is that why it recently called to me?! Am I to be its champion in this divine war?!

I can only hope not. And if by some chance that is the case, my friends, those I call family, will fight for me. Side by side we defeated The Restless Hand. Our bonds to one another saved Red Larch and Icewall. Together we overcame the First Breaker’s influence on Amon. With them I broke the hysteria inflicted upon me by the tome.

If we are that strong then nothing can defeat us.

Not even the gods themselves.

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