Rise of the Obsidian Legion: Entry 21

Lynch’s Journal #136

This is exactly what it felt like when Lithia‘s magic went out of control and caused me to fly. The only difference is I am moving at a much faster speed. Recalling what it took to manage my bearings, I position myself to crash into Tuskgutter shoulder first.

The pain of doing so is worse than I imagined. It is like slamming into a thick tree. With as stout as the brute is, a part of me did not think I would knock it to the snow. Regardless of the damage done it gets up without hesitation, as if the abomination never felt a thing.


Before it can hack into me with his shortsword, Balasar is there to keep Tuskgutter down. With roar to Trithereon, the paladin’s blade shines like the sun as it comes crashing down across the fiend’s back. The light sears the thing’s skin as it is forced back into the snow.

I gather myself just in time to see Princess Frost summon a bolt of fire to crash into the abomination’s ribs as it gets to its knees. Seeing how durable Tuskgutter is, Amon takes a defensive stand between us and his wife. Summoning his own magic, the prince cast a spell of protection on himself.

Crawling to my own knees, the blades of Nathanos and I go to work. Thoughts gets thrusted into the gut, sending psychic energy through Tuskgutter’s body. It shows no signs of pain from the attack, not even a grunt as I pull the sword out.

Being the faster to my feet, I stab Prayers into the abomination’s back. To my surprise the radiant power of the blade causes Tuskgutter to tremble in pain. Wasting no time, I quickly pull the sword out to jab him again and again. Tuskgutter violently looks my way as I do as it quickly fades away into wisps of fog.

That cannot be right. The look of shock on Balasar’s face proves it. The fog begins to creep over my shoulders.

Tuskgutter is a godsdamned teleporter.

The tip of the sword bites into my flesh as my armor barely holds up against the sneak attack. Before I can react a heavy blow knocks me forward to the feet of the copperborn. As I pull myself up to wipe the snow from my face the abomination marches forward.

With another roar to his god of retribution, the paladin charges to meet Tuskgutter head on. Vowing to slay him, Balasar’s weapon glows bright with the radiance of holy power as he runs it through our enemy. Just like with the energy of Prayers, its body is racked with pain from the attack.

Staring hate in my direction, the abomination backhands my brother in arms. Its strength is so great that the copperborn is launched a dozen feet away. Without hesitation, Tuskgutter pulls the greatsword from his chest and casually tosses the weapon aside to continue the march toward me.

Great. I have definitely got the brute’s attention with the spell. If I survive this Nataku is definitely going to regret teaching it to me.

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